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Skills and Labour Market to Raise Youth Employment
Start date: Dec 1, 2012,

Faced with rising levels of unemployment, it is becoming harder for young people to find a job. Youth unemployment in Europe is strongly linked to the lack of appropriate competences required by the job market and it varies from country to country. EU Member States need to ensure that their education and training systems are fit to equip young people with relevant skills in an efficient way. So conceptually this project deals with unemployed young people as a target group.Reducing youth unemployment is a task that implies a stronger commitment of businesses and the public sector to provide work and training opportunities to young people through the development and sharing of good practices in the area of entrepreneurship, including social entrepreneurship. The promotion of self employment including effective business support by young people through adequate training and coaching measures can contribute to opening up labour market to young job seekers .Background experiences and pilot tests are conducted to provide further insights in these innovative approaches, aiming at their mainstreaming in our countries and, possibly, at EU level.Youth unemployment is a very relevant issue for the Europe 2020 strategy which contains several targets, one of them being to achieve an employment rate of 75% at the EU level in 2020. This project will concentrate on the issue of the youth unemployment, lack of young people competencies, and the opportunities generated by the needs of the market in senior tourism and social services in order to decrease the youth unemployment and increase competencies.General aim of the project: to contribute to the development of innovative approaches and specific instruments for the reduction of the youth unemployment rate. This will include equipping people with the right skills for employment, an aspect considered crucial for one of the main target of the 2020 Strategy, for the participation in LLL, and for a better integration in society.

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