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Skillful hands are the common language of different cultures

Countries involved in the project are Turkey, Lithuania, Cyprus and Spain for the project “ Skillful hands are the common language of different cultures”. The idea of the project is to involve learners of hosewifes, social risk and exclusion from different countries in common dialogue through arts. The project content will provide some opportunities for learners like selecting the hand craft, obtaining the material they need, learning by watching online videos, learning to use internet, learning new languages, discovering new talents and gaining some money instead of wasting their time at home. By the period of partnership will be created online system for all involved countries to exchange their ideas, learn new languages, create intercultural dialogue by making and selling handcrafts. All learners are different background, speaking different languages, but will have a chance to build a bridge between cultures and provide interactions between European countries by doing hand crafts. The idea of hand crafts were chosen because it is very old and very close to cultural identity of any country and people daily life. Using online system it is good way to use new technologies for achieving goals of the partnership.

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