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Skaftkärr 2017
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 30 Sep 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background: We have students with a a broad perspective of needs and learning strategies. We want to use modern technology as atool to meet these needs as well as develop our methods and pedagogy.Project: We equipped one class and their teacher with pads. They use those pads as tools to build knowledge and learn how to find,filter and evaluate information and after that build up understanding. The students learn how to cooperate and help each othertowards a deeper understanding. This is done via shared cloudbased services, more opportunities to discuss and work together.Primarly personnel involved directly in this project are the classteacher, a schoolaid and the headmaster. Indirectly other teachersteaching this group also will be involved. Another important issue is to adress ergonomic issues and to find solutions that areergonomic and supports health while using modern technology. We have invested a lot in testing furniture and different solutions for enhancing learning environments. However Finland is a bit conservative in this area and innovative solutions are rarely found amongst our usual suppliers nor in our neighbour schools.This will be implemented in a larger scale in new schoolbuildings in Porvoo during the next few years (Porvoo is about to invest >32000 000 € in schoolbuildings). Methods and good practices will be shared to teachers in Porvoo and the surrounding municipalities.There will be bilingual cooperation in every aspect between swedish and finnish schools in Porvoo. This is a key factor in working forequal opportunities and equity in the schools of Porvoo. In cooperation with teachers from Keskuskoulu in Porvoo we aim to gathersolid knowledge of ICT in teaching practises as well as WEB 2.0 curating and dissemination of knowledge to work in co-operationwith our partners in other schools, special education, and municipalities. In our schoolbuilding we have both our swedish school aswell as the bigger finnish school(kevätkummun koulu). We have moved into a shared staffroom and work closely on developing ournew school. We have different key areas that we try to adress and together we try to cover as much as possible of the required fieldas to plan a new school. We share and discuss the findings and each school decides on what and how to implement good practicesin the teaching. Since the new school will be for 420 students we have formed bilingual teams that is in charge of certain areas. Theict-part is concentrated more on the swedish staff. The finnish headmaster has formerly worked for an univesity and was in charge ofplanning and leading teachers in work training. He will be in a key role developping better ways to share good practices in the bothschools so that the mentoring can be done in the whole building in both finnish and swedish. The aim is to lead equally cooperativein both swedish and finnish. As a result the peer support system we are currently building in Porvoo will be in a key role as the mainchannel to share what is done, how, where, by whom so that every teacher will have a clear picture of whom to approach forguidance in similar projects.
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