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Sjálfstyrkingar námskeið fyrir ungar stúlkur með hreyfihömlun: ,,Að brjótast í gegnum takmarkannir"
Start date: Jul 1, 2009,

The project will begin July 2009 and remain for 3 months. It will be a course for young girls with disabilities age 10-15 that will take place twice a week throughout the summer. The purpose of the project will be to raise the self-esteem of the girls, their believes in their own abilities, through group dynamics, encourage initiative and challenging them in various areas. Furthermore, the purpose will be to open their eyes to the hidden potentials they all have, improve their self-efficacy and to increase their social awareness and their understanding of the opportunities the society offers them. Also to introduce their rights to them, as well as the various events, projects, programs that are in place in Iceland specifically for those with their disabilities. In order to reach these goals we will work with notions of identity and transcend the notions of limitations and expiate stereotyping through creative approaches, theatre for development, creative dialogue, lectures, discussions with different lectures etc. while allowing for space for them to develop and take charge of the learning process. The facilitators will be four young women with various backgrounds, aged 18-30. The initiator and one of the facilitators is Embla Ágústsdóttir, who is 18 years old and has disability herself, has been active in giving lectures for students at universities and educating parents of children with disabilities about transcending limitations. It was in a discussion with these parents that the idea of holding such a course was born. Embla then sought the support from 3 other young women, one with MA in Theatre and Media for Development, one who is taking BA in developmental therapy and one who is working with young children with disabilities. This project is therefore completely at the intuitive of young women to create a creative space of empowerment for young girls.
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