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"Siz Unutuyor Olsanız da Biz Hatırlatmak İçin Buradayız"
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We applied our project in the field of Alzheimer's disease nursing which is a professional field. Alzheimer’s disease nursing is vital especially in terminal stage of the disease. Unfortunately, in the last stage of the disease the patient is getting closer to be lost day by day. As a result, a content organization has been carried out in order to work in emerging field of nursing in our country. Our project is related to the health and welfare background of the Erasmus+ program for the years 2014-2020. European population is getting older rapidly and the problems to face in the years ahead will be more difficult for mankind. Our project will also contribute to European economic growth in the long term . The main aim of our project is the health and welfare as stated before for a healthier generation and the formation of a healthier future with the least cost. In addition, our project has served the program background by referring to research and innovation, social communication, and intercultural dialogue subjects. The aims of the Project: In our project there are 66 participants(50 female and 16 male) as 60 students and 6 teachers. As stated in the application form, affirmative action has been applied since 35 of the participants are disadvantaged as geographically and also 15 of them are also disadvantaged as both geographically and economically.In this scope, we can clearly say that the number of the disadvantaged participants is more than previously stated number in the application form. Our Project mobilities have been carried out in three different countries on two different dates. Firstly, between the dates 17 April-07 May 2016 Gümüşhacıköy Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School visited partner organization Seniozentrum Sudwall/Germany and between the same dates Boyabat İbni Sina Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School visited partner organisation Stredni Skola/Chezch Republic as mobilities. Besides, between the dates 24 April-14 May Osmancık İsmail Karataş Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School which is the coordinator organisation visited partner organization II Pellicano/Italy in scope of Project mobilities. All mobilities lasted in 23 days (travelling days are included.) The student participants took part in practical activities for 15 days out of total 23 days while teacher participants took part in practical activities for 10 days out of total 16-day mobility. The main results and impacts of our project can be aligned as follows: 1. A new career field has been created for Professional development. 2. Determined steps have been taken for easier employment . 3. The participants received education of high quality in order to prevent unemployment. 4. Multilingualism and European dimension subjects are understood clearly. 5. Progress has been achieved in the breaking down of prejudices. 6. Introductory information has been given about the identification of the professional knowledge and the project. 7. The participants have received 4 different certificates. 8. The participants’ skills have developed in preventing Alzheimer's and dementia and also in infection prevention measures. 9. The participants have gained self-confidence in planning their future. In the long term, appropriate steps have been taken forward for European cultural citizenship and employment of qualified professionals. The impact of this action can be observed on students as change in their visions of life.

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