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Συστήματα Διαχείρισης Κινητήρων και Συσκευές Ελέγχου
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In recent years the growth and technologies applied by car makers have led to a continuous growth of competition and ever-new sophisticated engine models that lead to parallel continuous change in technical maintenance and repair. These new developments have led the Union of Repairers of Vehicles of the Prefecture of Evia to the need for selecting the program entitled "Engine management Systems and Control Devices", so that the responsible human resource managers to meet the demands of new developments and gain new knowledge and skills. In this context, the purpose of the project is well preparing trainees enhancing their practical knowledge through laboratory courses and placements in workshops and carmakers to implement these new systems in the Host Country. During the theoretical training the principles of operation of the various components that are required as part of the engine management system will be explained, including the input and output signal types, power supply and diagrams. In addition, the program focuses mainly on the placement of trainees to encourage confidence in the use of diagnostic equipment and provide technical skills relevant to the practical application of diagnostic procedures relating to the engine management. The program will enable participants to develop the skills required to undertake repairs on damage from moderate to serious accidents, using body alignment equipment.The Educational needs of responsible human resources of the Union Repairers Prefecture of Evia, which are in direct relation and relevance to labor market needs, focusing on specialized knowledge of new engine management systems and control devices.Through the project, the beneficiaries are to gain valuable experience and important skills to achieve the following educational objectives:1. knowledge of engine management systems,2. compliance with the operating principles of the various components that are required as part of the engine management system,3. ability to apply diagnostic procedures relating to the management of the engine,4. ability to carry out repairs on damage to the bodywork,5. ability to perform advanced diagnostic procedures,6. precise measuring capability of the engine,7. ability to perform alignments. Upon completion of the project participants will have multiplier effects and benefits so that participants:1. can meet the demands of new engine management systems,2. understand the basic knowledge of emissions, Lambda Sensors, Power Control, ECU mapping, ECU power supply diagnosis Self ECU,3. verify the diagnosis error code,4. understand the advanced diagnostic procedures,5. curated diagnosis with oscilloscopes,6. know about the engine wiring management,7. apply their skills in the preparation of the measurement system and the vehicle for the measurement to take place,8. perform accurate measurement of the vehicle,9. perform accurate diagnosis of any misalignment of the vehicle,10. Perform corrective alignments to restore the body to the manufacturer's dimensions. The action brings added value to action because it creates an environment where besides developing skills and acquiring new knowledge for the beneficiaries, while promoting a European environment of cooperation.The host organization OMNI CENTRUM EDUKACJI chosen for the implementation of the program has great experience in adult education and training in the subject. Also, the choice of country is not random in which the automotive sector is highly developed. The total project duration is 14 days and will take place in Poland with the participation of 20 human resources managers, members of the Union of Repairers of Vehicles of the Prefecture of Evia.

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