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Sink og SWIM - Succeed with in-college Mentoring

Three partners in this project were partners in a G1 project on student mentoring. The experiences from this project will form the basis for the Learning Partnership, because the partners in this project who have various educational backgrounds within the field of adult education, have observed that the number of adult learners who do not finalise their studies, is increasing. We want to address and combat this problem, because Europe can not afford to let this happen. Europe invests in having a well educated population. We will try out a scheme of student to student mentoring to reduce the drop-out rate, to make the learners feel successful instead of failures, and to avoid social marginalisation.In order to do that we will:- Maintain a homepage which contains information about the work going on- Communicate on an internet-based platform, which will include the work being done by the mentors- Give a folder to each mentor, who will in turn report in a logbook on how their work is progressing- Ask mentors and mentees to evaluate the process twice a year- Produce a handbook containing scenarios to be used by the mentor- Make the handbook adaptable to local needsBoth mentors and mentees will take part in the transnational meetings

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