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Start date: 20 Aug 2016, End date: 19 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project is prepared by taking the problems of the Syrian students enrolled in our school. The subject of our project is the adaptation of Syrian students to our education system. The project will consist of 2 flows and 5 classroom teachers and 3 branch teachers will participate in each flow. The teachers who will participate in the first flow will get education service about diversifying the channels of communication with students. The second flow will be about psychological and social adaptation of the students. Our teachers who will participate in the first flow will have an importance place in building of a healthy and strong communication network with our Syrian students. As the Syrian students have a nodding acquaintance with Turkish, it makes them have a hardship in understanding the lessons and it cause them to fail. Since diversifying the medium of instruction is not possible, the idea of how to teach lots of things to those children who have a little vocabulary knowledge or how to teach them how to learn has become the source of the subject of this flow in our project. In this flow, our teachers will have education on diversifying the communication channels with the motto of ‘words are alive’. With this education, our teachers will especially develop their skills on effective visual material usage and they will acquire methods and techniques which will help them to make students visualize the words they encounter with in the classroom texts. For example, our teachers will teach the words to the students via songs or art by showing them they are not abstract concepts. This education has lots of teaching materials which will be helpful not only for our refugee students but also for our students who are citizens of the country. With these different kinds of materials, the students understanding and learning enthusiasms will increase. With the increased communication skills of our teachers and the new methods they have learned will increase their teaching motivations.The subject of the second flow of our project consists of psychological and social adaptation of our Syrian students. Our refugee students comprise the group of students who are shy, quiet and they are faced with the discrimination problems. As their parent do not know the Turkish language very well and since they do not know what to expect from the school, they cannot participate in the activities in the school such as teacher- parent meetings. However, in our opinion the refugee families should be main communication point for the hosting country. When our refugee students are adapted to the school life, when they do not face with discrimination and when they are not shy in the public area, the school will become both an education center and a second family for them. However, in order to provide that traumas caused from immigration and conflicts must be kept away from. Our refugee students are mostly shy about showing their emotions and thoughts and discriminated by other students and they abstain from reporting the negative behaviors of other students to their teachers. Thus, our teachers cannot be a problem reporting point or a solution center for the problems between students. With this course service, our teachers will experience of different approach methods for becoming a trustable person for the students and for helping them get rid of the feeling of alienated or different. In this flow, with the multi-cultured teacher education aimed, the topic will be knowledge, attitude and skills for disadvantaged individuals to make them integrated with the society. Their being good as personally and professionally as culture workers will be contributed. Experience transfers of the teachers in our foreign partner’s institute who worked with the refugee students before will increase the project efficiency. Besides, one of the biggest problems of our refugee students who are afraid of being public area is that they do not know what their rights are. Unfortunately, in our country, to find reachable and clear law texts about refugees are extremely difficult even for us. Thus, our teachers will also be educated about international child rights agreements and about international child law. In this way, the refugee students who will have the opportunity of getting rid of their fears about being in public areas can act safely and they will get rid of the feeling of being abused, disapproved and humiliated.With the help of the acquirements after both flows, our school will become an example school within the scope of ‘Province Course of Action’ which is initiated by the Ministry of National Education and it well have the qualified personnel who can take part in it actively next year.
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