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The most common foreign language taught in almost all of the schools all over the world, without any doubt, is English. Throughout the educational history, many approaches, techniques, methods and tools have been developed in foreign language education. Teaching English through music is one of the methods used in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) classes. Most of the language course books include some English music to be used as a teaching tool to students. We have focused on the possibility of using popular English songs to teach grammar and to improve the communication skills of the students in English. This will be achieved in three steps; preparation, implementation, assessment.Both the students and the teachers have had the opportunity to work with their peers from different schools and will actively take part in the project in; - making a list of the popular English songs in the countries of the participating schools,- defining 50 of them to use through the partnership,- finding the lyrics of the chosen songs,- deciding on the most suitable and applicable ones that can be turned into activity papers to be used in classes,- preparing activity papers composed of songs.
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