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Sinbad - a journey to promote key competences in early childhood education through storytelling
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Sinbad project aims at promoting storytelling and the use of storytelling techniques in pre-school and primary school education in order to enhance the key competences acquisition by children. Society is going through profound changes, and the process of transformation is bringing new challenges for the educational sector: migration and integration, children from social disadvantaged families, increasing number of children with learning barriers, adjustment disorders and undesirable development are some of the most challenging questions for education professionals. According to the report Act Now! on literacy “in the EU one in five of our 15-year-olds in the EU still has insufficient reading skills and that more than 73 million adults in the EU currently have low qualifications, and many of them do not have sufficient literacy levels to cope with the daily requirements of personal, social, and economic life”. (Commissioner Vassiliou’s Foreword). Low performances in literacy and other key skills influence the chances of successful participation in social, cultural and working life. Research has proven impressively that early childhood education is the most important time to initiate a healthy development and prevent effectively development problems. The continuous education and training of staff therefore is a fundamental issue for the quality of early childhood education provision. Creative approaches that can involve all children-independent from their social or ethnic background are needed. Telling stories offers a powerful methodology to support the development of children. It supports the listening and reading comprehension and is a natural opportunity for children to grow as language users. It besides provides a possibility for children to interact with the cultural context of fairytales, folktales and other stories, it strengthens the children's ability to concentrate and fosters creativity as well as critical thinking by stimulate discussion and debate. The project follows a bottom-up apprach. It aims at raising awareness of the potential of storytelling in education and supporting educators and teachers in applying storytelling in education. This will be reached by developing and education pack for educators and teachers and implementing it in form of blended learning. An elearning course will contain training about methodologies and techniques as well as materials and different resources about storytelling in education. In order to provide a platform for practicing the acquired knowledge and skills, storytelling practice sessions will be organized in all implementing partner countries. Guidelines how to organise storytelling practice will make the tools further self-sustainable and allow pre-school and primary teachers to establish local storytelling groups for continous education.
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