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Συμβολή της Τεχνικής και Επαγγελματικής Εκπαίδευσης στην Πράσινη Αειφόρο Ανάπτυξη μέσω της αναζήτησης και εφαρμογής των πράσινων διδασκαλιών στο Επαγγελματικό Λύκειο
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Since the 1980s, international attempts have been made to reform educational programs focusing on response to sustainable development and adaptation of the educational process in this objective. We designed in collaboration with partner organization, two related and complementary work programmes in the field of "Green" Energy. The first relates to the training of teachers and the second on work experience students in the school . The beneficiaries of the project are fifteen (15 ) teachers and fifteen students (15 ) who attend in the Fields of Informatics and Electrical Engineering, 1st Vocational Lyceum of Sindos. In the action of students, lasting two weeks , are included practical courses in training centers and respective visits to producing energy companies with alternative ways, so the theoretical issues in advanced topics and practice of students to be associated with visits to modern professional areas . The teachers, who will be trained, can apply teaching specialization courses with "green" reports, with two objectives: 1. To sensitize students to environmental problems, to induce them to change their behaviour and to become active citizens, considering the fact that they come from a degraded industrial area with serious environmental problems. 2. To brief them on the corresponding green jobs of their specialty, giving them ideas and experiences for future vocational employment in occupations related to their specialty with great perspectives. Unemployment in their area records an alarming rise without reducing prospects and unfortunately the largest number of our students is mostly immigrants without family business prospects. The content of the training that is provided for these two actions includes: 1. Seminars, visits at work areas , in school labs 2. Study action plans on green specialties 3. Study methods of informal and formal education 4. Analyzing the causes of the big unemployment rate among graduates of Technical and Vocational Education Schools 5 .Study the structure and activities of environmental education centres in Cyprus For the planned duration of the mobility, supervision during training placements will be made initially by the coordinator in charge and by all participants as follows: • Activities calendar keeping • Preparation of daily activity report • Defining the responsibilities of participants (photography, video) • Distribution of program evaluation questionnaire after its end. • Statistical reporting and assessment of the program coordinator • Create a folder with the educational and photographic material The objectives of the project are to meet the needs of the participants with regard to the content of the mobility and include: • Improvement of their knowledge on green career guidance of the students through study plans and models of technical cooperation with professional school counterparts • Improvement of their knowledge on modern curricula and environmental education through seminars, visits to workplaces, laboratories and training centres for the youths. • Acquaintance and familiarisation with the structure of the educational system of the host country for the Technical -Vocational education through the study of methods of both formal and informal education. • Familiarisation into practice through visits to Technical-Vocational schools through a study of the recording of the performance monitoring modes at school. • Assessing and monitoring learners at the workplace of green growth through a study of the recording of the monitoring modes of the youths work in business places. Potential long-term benefits: • Green development in Technical-Vocational education • connect the school with professional firms • Counselling to professional school and links with the labour market • Training of teachers specialized in innovative systems, institutions and practices of vocational education and training • improving knowledge, skills and qualifications and finally certification and update. • expanding the educational horizons of students • shaping European Qualifications Framework • claiming the higher skilled positions and better salaries , both within Greece and broader in the European Union •enrichment of the curriculum participants with an additional asset(Europass ) •the acquisition of unique experiences , broad understanding , growing European consciousness , strengthening confidence and ultimately their development as human beings

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