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Simply Meeting
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Simply Meeting Seminar Working with several trainers in the youth field we have established a network supporting each other in planned activities, both on the local and international level. Our network, named Simple Special, aims to identify, specify and use the simple elements that make a learning experience simple to follow for all learners but at the same time make the difference and make it special, meaningful and of quality. Through the few years of our cooperation we have discovered that the quality elements in our work supporting the learning process of both participants and facilitators are simple. To be able to tackle them it does not mean that because they are simple that they do not need to be attended and enhanced. The Seminar aims to bring a group of experienced trainers of the international field together in a 6 day seminar to: - identify, clarify and exchange ideas on the concept of quality in Training and Facilitating - enhance our competences as trainers by introducing and investigating the European Training Strategy set of competences - build a stronger relation in the international context - promoting the recognition of trainers in the field of international training of young people - enhance our competences as trainers by introducing and investigating the European Training Strategy set of competences. As a tool we will be addressing “The Set of competences for trainers” that were introduced during the “Bridges for Trainers” meeting in December 2014 organised by Salto Youth. The Seminar will build its activities around the Set of Competences using them as self reflection tool and peer to peer support system. Within the Seminar we will invite representatives of the National Agency., trainers, and organisations, to exchange more ideas on how these competences could be useful for trainers and National Agencies as a tool for quality improvement of trainings. The Seminar will also aim into developing future ideas for cooperation amongst the group of trainers but also maybe amongst National Agencies since some of the trainers are part of or cooperate closely with their National Agencies. Part of the dissemination and final report we will include concrete suggestions for potential Training activities or seminars evolving around the quality of trainings and in specific around the set of key competences provided by the European Training Strategy of Salto Youth. We will strongly promote the recognition of trainers and facilitators of young people in the international field through the enhancement of the quality of their work. By working to the direction of self development of each trainer, developing a common understanding of the suggested competences and practicing actively rather than just exchanging ideas, we believe that the connection amongst the network of trainers will be enhanced and strengthened.
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