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Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: Feb 29, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main idea of this project is to provide practical tools to develop skills as facilitator in all participants. It started to be design in another training course (VALUE +) conducted by Association E-Juniors, also coordinator of this project. The partners identified the need to improve the skills of their youth workers and youngsters that are motivated to facilitate activities on their own. So, we started designing the project and decided to create 2 international activities that are linked (a training course to provide tools to become a facilitator, and a seminar to evaluate the outcomes and practice more the facilitators skills gained and improve them) and local activities in between, so participants can practice and develop even further their skills. With that in mind we selected the following objectives: - Develop essential facilitation skills like planning debriefing, group dynamics, session design, feedback; - Train and improve youth facilitators competences through self-reflection and feedback from peers and trainers; - Develop or improve personal facilitation style; - Practice, practice, practice, what you know, what you learned and what you want to learn; (after first TC and in the seminar in Portugal) - To further develop teamwork competencies and skills, through the practice of decision-making, active communication and feedback - To exchange good practices among the team and participants - To raise awareness of group dynamics and the different roles within groups - To raise awareness of the intercultural dimension of international youth activities and international teamwork - To improve participants’ knowledge of Erasmus + programme in general - To create new partnerships and/or projects - Create a guidebook with tools, methods and main topics needed to design, implement and evaluate activities: a guidebook for facilitators. We will have 2 main activities linked: 1 training course that will be held in Orleans, France, from 22 to 30 of June 2015 (including travel days) with the topic of providing skills to the participants to act as facilitators and a second activity, a seminar, that will be held in Beja, Portugal, from 12 to 18 of November 2015 (including travel days). For both activities we will have 28 participants in each (including organization team and trainers) from 8 countries: France, Portugal, Lithuania, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Hungary and Italy. The participants should be the same in both activities, since they will need to develop local activities after the first training course and bring the outcomes to the second seminar to evaluate the dificulties encountered and improve their facilitators skills. The participants will be in majority from 25 to 35 years old. Youth workers that develop activities in their organizations. And some participants will be from 18 to 25 years old to provide the chance of active youngsters to develop their facilitation skills to cooperate with their organizations. The methods of work will be non-formal, with learning by doing, with a lot of practice where the participants will facilitate activities having a direct feedback of it, and will gain skills in areas of facilitation, trhough exercises, games, presentations, working in small groups and group dynamics. They will work in topics like creativity, group dynamics, planning, implementing, and evaluating. In the second seminar they will evaluate the outcomes and how they implemented the learning outcomes in local activities and will practice more the facilitation of activities and improve their skills already acquired. The success of this project depends also on the cooperation of all partners and participants and for that we stablish a partnership agreement and a learning agreement. The results we intent to obtain are the qualification of the skills of the participants as facilitators and with this, bennefiting also the organizations where they work . At a long term we hope to work together to recognize the certification of facilitator that will be delivered to all participants and ensure quality in youth work.

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