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Şimdiki İstasyon: Motivasyon
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Galileo says: ‘You can teach nothing to anyone forcefully. The only thing that you can do is helping them to find out the learning desire.’ From this point of view, motivation appears as a vital factor in connection with providing us to find out our students’ learning desire and maintain it. The main reason of motivation’s being important is providing us to reach the best result of limitless needs about education with limited sources. If we had enough time and source, we could achieve whatever we want; however, it doesn’t seem possible in our educational system in today’s conditions. Accordingly, mankind who has limited sources and energy may accomplish a good result if they use their limited sources and energy in a correct way. On the other hand, people come into the world with high intelligence potentials and they improve it in time. However, the important matter in education is how well they can use their potentials. Thus, motivation is a tool which provides our students to perform their real intelligence potentials and accomplish good results about their success. In this sense, we prepare this project in order to increase our students’ knowledge, skill and success; simplify learning by rendering our education atmosphere in our school appealing; create a student profile knowing how to reach information with their intrinsic motivation. On the purpose of being a milestone about opening a door to Europe, we have formed our staff that knows motivation techniques and has the ability to keep up with the needs of our era. In the project that we have prepared as Civanyaylağı Primary School, our participants consist of 3 administrators, our English teacher and 14 class teachers. We are a team that is young, dynamic, and eager to learn and open to improvement with our experiences approximately 10 years. In line with this objective, to smooth away the deficiencies that our institution needs, we are planning to attend 3 main activities: 1) The first of these projects is the education training named “Enhancing Students’ Motivation through Inquiry-Based Learning” that will be executed on October 5, 2015 in Paris, France. We hope to smooth away our deficiencies about how to increase students’ motivation using "Inquiry- Based Learning" method with 5 participants. 2) 5 teachers will participate in the course named “How to Motivate and keep motivated your students?” That will be held on March 28, 2016 in Sevilla, Spain. Though workshop and applications in this course, we will master the strategies, techniques and methods that enhance the students’ motivation and ensure this motivation. Meantime, we will learn how to develop teaching materials enhancing motivation. 3) For our 3rd activity we will participate in “Structured Study visit to Schools/Institutes &Training Seminar in Finland” course on October 8, 2016 in Helsinki, Finland. We will have chance to see closely the Finland education system that makes a significant success around the Europe and World and that ranks a good degree in the international exams as PISA and TIMMS. We will experience how our colleagues use motivation in increasing students’ achievements and in developing positive students’ behavior. As carrying out our project, the methodology we use is set by the Erasmus+ Project Team which is organized at our school and it is applied according to the time table that we prepared. With this methodology, all of the issues are clarified in detail like planning the project, organizing the missions for each stage of the planned project and determining who will do these duties, determining the main activities of the project and determining people taking part in these activities, putting into practice the applicable duties, studying on monitoring and evaluation, determining the activities of project dissemination and putting them into action, and information about how to provide communication and coordination between the items forming our project. As short-term effect of our project; we think that we can create a teaching staff that is master both on motivation techniques and on carrying out these techniques, more self-confident, more advanced on skills of linguistic performance and more familiar with the European culture; and we can create a student group whose attention is attracted with the social and educational activities prepared by this teaching staff, and whose sense of belonging is strengthen, and whose internal motivation is high. Moreover, in the long-term, we hope we could be a model school for our environment and our country with the maintained quality in the education.
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