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Sign Language Speaking Tour Guides
Start date: Feb 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

When Turkey Disability Survey and Turkey Employment Agency’s data are examined together, the maximum of %15 of hearing impaired individuals are capable to work and only 5% of them are employed. It can be said that, 95% of hearing impaired individuals are unemployed. The target audience of our Project is hearing impaired individuals between the ages of 18-30 who don’t have any business.The basic desire of the hearing impaired individuals is to find a respectable place in society by producing as every healthy human. To participate in their social life, depends to sustain independent living. The most important way to ensure this is employment. If hearing impaired individuals work, produce and gain, they participate in social life and get happy. Unemployment is a huge problem. The most important aim for the hearing impaired should be to remove this issue from the agenda of them. Our main reason for making this Project is to prepare a new certification program for hearing impaired individuals in order to provide employment.With this study, we will educate hearing impaired tour guides who use sign language and we will offer different job opportunities to hearing impaired people by creating a new model of vocational training. A training program is not available in this area. If appropriate educational areas are created, numerous hearing impaired people may be employed in this sector. Well trained persons with disabilities will have more opportunities to have a job. This study is a first and completely original work to open a new field of employment for hearing impaired citizens in our country. At first, the participants that we trained will work with professional tour guides as assistants. There isn’t a certificate program for hearing impaired individuals for being tour guides with cockades in our country. This certificate program will be created within our project. Project Partners:Doncaster Deaf Trust (England)Fundación Pública Andaluza el Legado Andalusí (Spain)Istituto Statale Sordi (Italy)Asociatia Tedy Bear (Romania)Turkish National Federation of the DeafChamber of the Guides of İzmir (İZRO)Buca AcademyThroughout the process, we aim to convert the certificate program that we have prepared as a tour guide of a Deaf Faculty in a university. After compilation of our project, the results that we aim to achieve can be summarized below.• Developing the Tour Guide Certificate Program” for hearing disabled.• Creating a new employment area for hearing impaired people.• To provide guidence for domestic and foreign hearing impaired individuals.• To create a workforce that can adapt to evolving technology and can struggle with the competitive market technology by giving better quality of vocational training. • Giving importance to sign language training in vocational education area.• Understanding different applications resulting from intercultural recognition.• Participants will have the opportunity learn the mother tongue and sign language of the country they visited also can explain their language and develop their foreign language.The methodology of our project can be summarized as a route map consisting of 5 steps.a. Preparation of Projectb. Conceptual Designc. Applicationd. Continuous assessment and evaluatione. Dissemination and SustainabilityOur project is a 24 months study and the operating plan adopted by all of our partners are as follows. Preparation Of General Meeting (Turkey)Preparation Of General Meeting (Spain)General Preparation MeetingSelection Of Youth Hearing Impaired PartıcipantsPreparation Of Lesson PlansBasic Turkish Sign Language EducationEnglish Language TeachingVocational Training Courses-Section 1Vocational Training Courses-Section 2 Preparation Of International Sign Language (ISL) EducationISL Training Preparation Of Evaluation Meeting and Tourism TrainingEvaluation MeetingTourism TrainingPreparations Of Vocational Training Application In Field (Aegean Region)Vocational Training Application In Field (Aegean Region)Preparations Of Vocational Training Application In Field (Abroad)Vocational Training Application In Field (Abroad )Collection Of Assessment Results, Finalization And Reporting The Study Intellectual Outputs - Preparation Of Vocational Education Certificate Program.Fulfillment of the first meeting, the distribution of tasks.Determination of Vocational and Applied Education, Foreign Language and ISL training.Determination of Norms of National Occupational Standards Determination of Qualification LevelPreparation of Intellectual Outputs BookPreparation Of Final meetings Preparation of Multiplier EventsFinal Meeting in Izmir/TurkeyMultiplier Events/ İstanbul ConferenceMultiplier Events/Ankara ConferencePreparation of the Project Booklet and Final ReportPublishing Project Booklet
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