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Sign Language Europe (SLE) - Improving the use of Sign Language in Vocational Training for Deaf Persons in Europe

Sign Language Europe (SLE) will address the issue of the integration of young deaf people into mainstream vocational training provision across Europe. The project will establish a network of providers currently offering such provision and will further develop a short series of visualised modules for initial testing with vocational training providers.The network of existing institutions and colleges providing courses for young people with hearing impairment will initially allow analyses to be undertaken as regards provision across the involved countries. A study and series of interviews will be undergone across these institutions in order to prepare a position statement of the current level of provision.Beyond this, four individual training modules will be created, in all partner languages (NL, EN & SK) in CD-Rom format, for piloting with the target group (i.e. mainstream providers of vocational training) and the results of this experimentation recorded in a final evaluation report.The long-term impact of this project will be that of creating a permanent structure for collaboration between institutions able to respond to the demand from young deaf people wishing to undergo mainstream vocational training, in addition to the establishment of initial standards for the development of visualised training materials (based on sign language) for use by the target group.
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