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Sighisoara Multilingva
Start date: Feb 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Sighisoara Multilingva is a transnational mobility formed of 2 EVS mobilities that will take place in Sighisoara, Romania. The context of the project is the fact that at a European level, the percentage of young people in NEET (neither in employment, education or training) is high and they need learning opportunities such as those offered through EVS mobilities in order to accelerate their transition to employability. Moreover, young people in Sighisoara need more opportunities to get to know other cultures and embrace values such as cultural diversity, cultural friendship and multilingualism.The main objectives of the project are the following: - to accelerate the transition from NEET (neither in education, employment or training) to employability (job or entrepreneurial activities) for 12 EVS volunteers from Italy, Estonia, France, Greece, Spain and Poland by involving them in a transnational voluntary scheme composed of 2 mobilities: 1st EVS mobility: 1st June 2016 – 15th January 2017; 2nd EVS mobility: 1st March 2017 – 15th October 2017; both of them lasting 7 months and 1/2.- To involve 6 EVS volunteers with fewer opportunities (from the total 12);- To offer 6 organisations from Sighisoara support in promoting the activities they offer to youth to be able to cooperate with similar organisations at European level;- To organise weekly interactive foreign language courses in the 6 languages of the EVS volunteers;- To promote the sending component of Sighisoara Multilingva and the hosting community by creating different journalistic materials in the 6 languages of the EVS volunteers and in English. - To organize 7 events/mobility in which to promote European diversity, multilingualism and Erasmus+;- To involve at least 100 young people from Romania in the foreign language course and in creating the materials for promoting Wild Carpathia sending component, and in the events promoting European diversity, multilingualism and Erasmus+. Sighisoara Multilingva is composed of 2 EVS mobilities that will take place in Sighisoara, Romania in the following time frames:- 1st EVS mobility: 1st June 2016 – 15th January 2017 (7 months and 1/2); - 2nd EVS mobility: 1st March 2017 – 15th October 2017 (7 months and 1/2).The CO and HO is Wild Carpathia and the SOs are the following organisations: Jump in (Italy), Seiklejate Vennaskond (Estonia), Tambour Battant (France), EDRA (Greece), FCV (Spain) and Fundacja Pokolenia (Poland). The first 3 SOs will be involved in the first EVS mobility, while the last 3 SOs will be involved in the second EVS mobility.Each SOs will select 2 EVS volunteers (1 male and 1 female). In each mobility there will be included 6 EVS volunteers. Consequently, the total number of EVS volunteers involved in this project is 12. Out of these 12 young people, at least 6 will be young people with fewer opportunities facing economic obstacles or educational difficulties. The main activities that will take place during the mobilities are the following:A) Offering support to 6 organisations and public institutions in promoting their youth activities (online and offline), in English and in the languages of the EVS volunteers. Interactive foreign language courses in the languages of the EVS volunteers. B) Promoting the host community in the languages of the EVS volunteers.C) Offering support to Wild Carpathia in developing their sending component, so that more young people from Sighisoara participate in transnational mobilities in the Programme Countries & to promote Erasmus+ programme. D) Developing events that promote European diversity and multilingualism and Erasmus+. The most important results of this project are the intangible ones, namely the competences the EVS volunteers will acquire/develop during their mobility that will be useful in accelerating their transition from NEET to employability. Moreover, they will gain learn to learn competences and they will embrace values such as cultural diversity, intercultural friendship and multilingualism which will be useful for their personal, professional and social life. In this way, Sighisoara Multilingva will definitely have a positive impact o them. The project will also have a positive impact on all the other relevant stakeholders: target groups, members of the local community, participating organisations and local partners.
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