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SHOPLANG 2.0 - The Shopping Language Game
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

SHOPLANG 2.0 is a continuation of the project "SHOPLANG - The Shopping Language Game" and it aims to promote the advantages of learning languages and raise awareness of 4 less widely used and taught languages through the theme of shopping. SHOPLANG 2.0 will focus on Portuguese, Romanian, Polish and Slovenian. The project will use the informal environment of the supermarkets in order to provoke interest in the target languages, help people develop some partial skills in understanding basic information and encourage them to take up further language learning. In achieving this goal the 4 target languages will be promoted within massive language campaigns in supermarkets based on specially developed language activities and games related to the theme of shopping and focused on product labels. The events will be projected on the project website in the form of an online language supermarket allowing people to learn words in the target languages and compete with each other.Interested people will be directed to resource centres which will be established in all partner countries with materials and information about the target languages and countries. In order to support the language activities the partners will adapt some of the successful materials form the first SHOPLANG as well as develop new products for providing language information in a non-traditional way in the 4 target languages.The SHOPLANG 2.0 products will be incorporated within the learning programmes of language centres, schools and other educational organisations. The partners will attract as associated partners language providers which will try out the project materials with their beginner language students and use them as supporting materials in the course of study. The network of associated language providers will be continuously expanded during the project lifetime and at a later stage it will aim to expand the project products also into other languages and new potential beneficiaries.

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