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Shoot for the moon! Empowering youth for a better future!
Start date: May 4, 2015, End date: Nov 3, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project was created having at its heart the feedback received from the young people participating in our past projects, organised under the former EU programme „Youth in Action”. Therefore, we created a project that would help young people in the process of the personal and professional development. Our project entitled “Shoot for the Moon! Empowering youth for a better future!” was a youth exchange. It involved 30 young people coming from 3 EU countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and 3 non-EU countries Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine. The partnership was created both on past experiences and bonds with youth organisations from those countries and on the specific needs of young people living in these countries. Participants were young people and the majority of them were coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. The main aim of the project was to empower youngsters with tools and competences regarding the capacity to enter the labor market. These competences aquaired by them during the project are useful on the long term to better integrate in the society, to have better social abilities and improved career prospects. The idea the project was built on is that the school education fails to offer young people essential life skills. The project activities were concentrated on three dimensions: body, mind and soul. The topics were explored with the help of participatory methods of non-formal education such as role games, presentations or team work. In the same time, our project had the following specific objectives: 1. Increase the motivation, social and personal abilities and the level of knowledge about life management and future planning for 30 youngsters coming from disadvantaged backgrounds 2. Increase the chances of getting a job and maintaining it by offering essential knowledge in the fields of personal development, self care, self improvement and communication 3. Raise awareness on the importance of volunteering and lifelong education in improving the long-term career prospects for the participants 4. Promote healthy and sustainable behaviours among participants through specific workshops that tackle sports, healthy eating, healthy and sustainable habits The young participants discovered how they can take care of their bodies and how to dress for success, along with other tricks for improving their image. They learned why sports and healthy food are essential, while elements like improving posture and walking style were approached in the sessions. The participants discovered the importance of lifelong learning, the advantages of lectures and learning foreign languages. They attained efficient methods to sustain exams and worked on sessions about how to write a CV and prepare for job interviews. Needless to say we increased awareness on the image reflected through online media, with a special focus on what and how they post on social networks. Soft abilities were also included. The young people participated in workshops that helped them improve their communication skills, public speaking and charisma, including special workshops about relaxation techniques, meditation and anger management. In addition, time management and financial management were part of the program. By the end of the project each participant created an objective plan and a strategy for their future, which they can further use in their personal and professional development. The project had an impact on the 30 young participants, by offering them specific competences, helping them develop at personal and social level and significantly increasing their chances to find and keep a job. In the same time, during the project a brochure was created, which contained information about available resources for young people that want to develop at a personal level. The 6 participant organisations of the project increased their capacity to work on an international level and to offer development opportunities to the young people in their community.
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