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Ships folding and floating
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

For the past 60 years, young men and women are educated at the ”Fachakademie Seligenthal“ (University of Applied Sciences for Social Pedagogy) in order to become state-approved kindergarten teachers. The University’s supporter is the school’s foundation called “Seligenthal” which unites seven approved educational institutions. The school attracts students from Landshut and its neighboring districts as well as greater Munich. Our University offers young students who have completed their “General Certificate of Secondary Education” (average student’s age: 16) or an alternative form of “Initial training” a course of study to become a state-approved kindergarten teacher or training to become a childcare worker. Our goals are to impart academic expertise, supply the students with practical experience in the field, and encourage their personal growth as teachers. Our school considers early childhood education to be of vital importance which can only occur in nurturing and encouraging surroundings. The foundation of our curriculum is moderate constructivism. This assumes that that young people interpret the world individually and therefore need an inspiring atmosphere and environment to enable them to work independently. Our core principle suits Erasmus with the additional step of opening further ideas. Projects such as “ships folding and floating” with children incorporates the concept of having an inspiring atmosphere for learning not only at school or at their local internship but also at our partner institutions selected in Spain, Denmark, Iceland and Mallorca. Due to an influx of people of different cultures around the eastern-Bavarian city Landshut the students’ environment has changed. Along with emphasizing the importance of equality in early childhood education, this has given our students the opportunity to learn foreign languages and become more international. This idea is supported by our institution as our school promotes egalitarian mentoring and emphasizes regular reflection. The students are supported in their personal and professional education in cooperation with our partner institutions in Europe. Within the next 24 months, all students will participate in this project with 50 of them participating in mobilities. For the entire school, this project is going to be a key aspect in our students’ education. Especially as the welcoming aspect is going to be displayed: 28 tutors participate in mobilities; 14 of them being from our partner institutions. Our Danish colleagues are the only participants with prior experience of Erasmus. Nevertheless, cooperating with our partners will greatly benefit for our school. Our goal is to expand and tighten those partnerships.Our schools’ primary concern are the children and their early childhood education. Our students need to acquaint themselves with a different culture and adjust accordingly while learning a new language. This promotes the student’s personal growth and broadens their horizons going forward. Additionally, our school embraces the Christian ideas of responsibility, liberty, and human dignity. These ideals form the basis of everyday life at our institution. We as teachers mentor and guide our students with these ideals in mind. The teachers achieve this by exemplifying Christian ideas through their personal life as well as by being part of a team. Mentoring from school staff is a crucial factor for the monitoring throughout the stay at our partner institutions. Each of our students has a contact person at school who they can go to for help but who also monitor their progress. The partner institutions are also involved in this process. That’s why our students are ready and willing to experience new cultures and try new things. They consider local principles as being important to follow and are curious and generally open-minded. This project targets the development of different competences such as language fluency, inter-culturalism, and personal and professional commitment. These are all valuable skills with respect to the ever-changing environment of early childhood education. Evaluation of the student’s achievements during this project is performed both by the students themselves as well as school staff, in order to ensure lasting effects. Additionally, results are documented according to the ECVET. The achievements and benefits of project Erasmus will be publicized by various institutions, the school’s foundation “Seligenthal”, the ISB Bayern, and the press at different school events.
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