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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A house painting teacher plans to visit KTS Copenhagen to study teaching in decorative painting. The School of Building and Construction plans to offer students courses in decorative painting in the spring of 2016, the visit is a part of the preparations for teaching and course descriptions. A teacher of marine engineering will be going to work (job shadowing) in Linné uni. in Sweden. He will get to know teaching and course planning and gain insights that will he will use in teaching when he returns. The headmaster and a teacher of the School of Hairdressing are going to Norway to study „green“ hairdressing. The headmasters of the Schools of Marine Engineering and Navigation will be going on a navigational simulator course in the Kongsberg training center in Norway. Teaching in a simulator is an important part of studies for both students of navigation and marine engineering and the headmasters will gain necessary knowledge of the equipment and teaching methods. Two teachers of the School of Design and Handicraft are going to attend courses at Skals in Denmark to prepare for a new study program in textiles. The school offers courses in techniques that are an important part of learning and teaching textiles. A teacher of tailoring and dressmaking is going to work (job shadowing) with a tailor in London to get to know both classical and modern techniques with one of the most respected tailors in London. Knowledge gained will then be used to further develop teaching in tailoring/dressmaking for the next school year. A teacher of hairdressing will be visiting IEC in Madrid to study teaching in competitive hairdressing. She will meet with colleagues and study the curriculum and teaching methods to develop further courses in competitive hairdressing at the School of Hairdressing. A teacher of general design in will be visiting Aalbog Uni in Copenhagen to study teaching methods and curriculum in lighting design as well as developments and new ideas in the field. Aalborg Uni is considered one of the best and most internationally acknowledged universities in the world. The Technical College work place advisor and a teacher who handles social affairs for students and school marketing will be meeting with their colleagues at KTS. Both positions are fairly new in the Technical College and the aim of the visit is to gain insights and learn from their Danish colleagues who have much experience in the field. The project manager for web development is visiting KEA in Copenhagen to establish cooperation between the schools, study teaching methods and the curriculum for web development. The Technical College will be offering a new study program in web development and plans to establish an agreement with the school and coordinate the studies so that students will be able to complete a university degree with KEA in the future. It is important for students of a small country and relatively isolated work environment to be able to get to know schools and companies in other countries, to gain more experience and broaden their horizons. 10 students of gold and silversmithery are attending workshops in Denmark where they will get the opportunity to learn new methods and use utilities that are not available in Iceland. 5 electrical technology students are applying to go to Germany to take part in work and workshops in the Jobelmann school which is known for having a study plan where vocational and theoretical studies have been integrated with good results. 10 students of technical drawing and 8 building students will be visiting a school in Denmark to get to know the studies there as well as visiting businesses in their fields og study. 8 students of general design will be visiting design Aalborg Uni and designers in Copenhagen. Eight hairdressing students will be going to Madrid to visit schools and hairdressing salons and get to know new ideas, methods and techniques. Students at vocational colleges are dependent on being able to practice their skills and the study plan expects them to work in their fields with an approved company. The difficult work situation in Iceland makes it very hard for students to get work suited for practice. The Technical College stresses that the difficulties in getting apprenticeships should not delay students in finishing their studies and is therefore applying for grants to send a total of 3 students of dressmaking and tailoring and one student of cabinetmaking abroad for apprenticeships in England, Sweden and Denmark, to be able to complete their apprenticeships with internationally renowned companies. One student of navigation will be spending one school year at Linné navigational university in Kalmar. The training and studies are fully approved by the Technical College as a part of the student‘s vocational education. The application is for 14 staff members and 54 students. The length of the staff trips range from three days to six weeks and the student trips from two weeks to nine months.

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