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Sharing Landscapes - Outdoor Experiential Learning for Adults
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

The reason for the project “Sharing Landscapes” is to improve the quality and reinforce the European dimension of adults’ experiential education through learning in the outdoors. This will be done through the dissemination of an interdisciplinary material based on landscape interpretation and outdoor experiential education.The method addresses issues of teaching outside the classroom; in an urban, rural, local or global context. It will develop the idea of a “spatial literacy” aimed at helping adult learners “read” the “grammar” of a landscape; cultural, social, historical and environmental.A major part of the method recognizes that both images and spatial literacy are coming to supplant words as the primary communication medium (the so-called 'iconic turn'), this has not led to an integration of the study of the medium into education at large.The resulting products will be: 1. A survey/anthology of essays/best practice/”how to do” on various methods for outdoor experiential education for adults. 2. An interdisciplinary eLearning hub of educational exercises for adults. 3. Teacher notes translated into Swedish, Spanish, German, French, Greek and Turkish4. An interdisciplinary course/curriculum to be run through Grundtvig teacher training workshops5. Courses integrated into the partner institutions6. A mentoring system for future adult educators who wish to apply the outdoor education toolsImpact: The aim is to create tools for adult learners which in the long term will strengthen European cultural identity. The short term impact will be that a body of professional educators from different disciplines will gain competence to produce and use interdisciplinary material regarding outdoor education. Time and resources will be allowed from each of the institutions after the finalization of the project, to lead to an integrated sustainable programme.

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