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Sharing heat Pump, Airconditioning and Refrigeration Knowledge

In the near future the sector of heat-pump technology, refrigeration and air conditioning will be subject to a multitude ofchanges, both on national and on European level. These changes range from: [1] Market changes; [2] Changes in law ®ulations; [3] Technical and technological developments; [4] Organizational and managerial changes; [5] Europeanharmonization. Furthermore, the sector struggles with a decrease of qualified craftsmen. The above mentioned changescause the sector to initiate new developments. These developments are necessary for the sector in order to maintain and toenhance the sector’s use of renewable energy, employability and workability at a reliable and accepted level and to preventthe sector from losing its competitive capabilities. The sector therefore has an urgent need to develop ways of keeping itsworkforce active, up to date, in motion and at strength, to keep its activities and services at a reliable and accepted level, toincrease the deployment of renewable energy, and to increase the transparency of relevant qualifications and competenceson a European level, in order to ease and increase the mobility of the sector’s workforce.The SPARK project will ensure that employers, skilled workers, trainers/teachers and students have good access to up-todate competence profiles, up-to-date training materials, methods and approaches to increase their knowledge about heatpump technology, refrigeration and air conditioning. The sector will benefit from all this because it will be able to cope with the deployment of energy from renewable sources, to cope with the contemporary and future market changes, the changes in law and regulations, the technical and technological developments.The SPARK project aims at a transfer of innovation in knowledge between VET, VET-related organizations and professionalbodies by looking at the European qualification structure, the European legislation regarding the sector of heat-pumptechnology, refrigeration and air conditioning and by adapting competence profiles, training materials, methods andapproaches towards this structure and legislation The following activities are to be carried out: (1) Inventory and analysis of competence profiles, training materials, legislations; (2) Adaptation and upgrading of competence profiles, materials, methods and approaches to the EN13313 standard and the use of F-gasses; (3) Translation of product results into English; (4) Organizing pilots for trainers and students; (5) Realisation of practical ICT solutions for making results available for a wide range of users; (6) Realisation of an ICT competence measurement tool adapted to the use of the sector.

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