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Shared Project for Environmental Evaluation with DYnamic governance (SPEEDY)
Start date: Aug 31, 2012, End date: Aug 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is structured in 7 WPs. • WP1 and WP2 are transversal activities. The first one will guarantee the coordination of the projects' activities and the second one will ensure the continuous exchange of information among beneficiaries and institutions operating in the interested territories. • The 5 technical WPs will allow reaching the aim of the project through the shared construction of a methodology on environmental evaluation activities. • In the WP3 the analysis of local and national regulations of the different participants will allow the realization of Comparative Dynamics Analysis in order to evaluate the state of the art and compare the currently procedures of SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment), better identifying gaps and critical issues about them that influence the achievement of the EU objectives. • WP4 will be focused on the definition of a method for identifying and discussing shared ITEMS that should be taken into account in the phase of web advanced platform SKP (Shared Knowledge Platform) development. • In WP5 SKP (Shared Knowledge Platform) will be realized: web platform will be an ad-vanced online tool, with different accessibilitys levels, that allows working on docu-ments in an assisted revision and in streaming. So WP5 starts simultaneously with WP4 in order to coordinate and validate the elaboration phase of the model with the im-plementation of the web tool. • WP6 will foresee the use of the platform (SKP) including the activation and manage-ment of working groups that will work on the preparation of documents that will be published online. • WP7s objective put forward a contribution in setting-up operative suggestions on processes providing some clear information on how face and solve some critical issues of the Environmental Assessment Procedure, in order to get to SEA useful tool to reach the objectives set by EU legislation.

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  • 2007 - 2013 Adriatic IPA CBC (IT-SI-EL-HR-BA-ME-AL-RS)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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