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Shared Practice in Teacher Education

The partners (teacher education institutions and schools that are hosts for studentteachers) within this project find it important that student teachers will do a part of theirteaching practice in other countries. We expect this will increase cultural awareness ofstudents, improve their social and cultural competences and increase their knowledgeabout different pedagogies and educational methods. This is however rathercomplicated. Every country has its own regulations around teacher education andespecially about doing teaching practice by student teachers. Also the requiredcompetence differ between (and sometimes even within) countries. Furthermore,teacher education institutions have different visions about teacher education. Differentcountries have all their own educational and cultural history, which is of influence onteacher education and on what happens in schools. We think these differences are,although they make the project rather complicated, interesting for student teachers andteacher education institutions and schools themselves. All can learn from these culturaland educational differences and can adopt good practices from different partners andcountries.In this project teacher education institutions and schools that are experienced hosts forteacher students cooperate with each other. Teaching practice is not only something forteacher education institutions, but school should have a voice in how teacher educationwill be organized.In this project we want to develop four important products: 1) a list of competences thatwe require from student teachers completing teacher education master, 2) apedagogical framework for supervision of student teachers who will do their practice inseveral countries (preferable each student will practice in their home country and twoother countries), 3) a pedagogical framework for working with an electronic portfolio as atool for supervision and assessment and 4) an online cultural background course, wherestudent teachers will be prepared for their teaching practice abroad.The partners want to establish a joint master in teacher education from September2010. The results of this project are necessary to learn about how to organize teachingpractice for the student teachers within the joint master.
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