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Share the Right Story
Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Share the Right Story" is a 7-day training course aimed at youth workers, facilitators and educators active in the field of youth. It is hosted by organisation Act in Ostrava which has proven the capacity of organising international projects with its 2 successful projects in the last 2 years: SPECIAL EFFECTS: December 2014, Kaprálův Mlýn, Czech Republic - OF EVS: July 2015, Slunakov, Czech Republic - idea for our course is born from the deep knowledge that storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool for education. It can address creativity, youth participation and employability, critical thinking and social responsibility. Europe at the moment is facing major problems. Among these, the dis-empowerment of young people who feel marginalised from society, can't find their place and don't know (or forget) how to realise their potential in life. On the other side, phenomena like hate speech and online violence (of which “cyberbullying” is only one of its aspects that affects young people directly: 52% of students experience it, and 33% receive some form of threats online. 84% of all cyberbullying takes place on facebook. Source are on the rise. Also, racism, intolerance and ignorance can be greatly fueled by storytelling – as demonstrated by the strong use that every totalitarian government has done of it. The course will take place from 17th to 23rd October 2016 and will take place in the ecocentre in Kapraluv Mlyn, near Brno in Czech Republic. It will involve 26 participants from 13 countries: Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, UK, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, Portugal, Netherlands, Greece, France, Hungary, Ireland - plus 3 trainers and 2 staff members.The main objectives we want to reach are:- to identify and understand key elements and skills for storytelling, and explore their potential benefits for learning, personal development and employability; - to analyze the increased impact that stories (and media) have on phenomena such as “hate speech”, intolerance and open racism. We will discuss the new needs for awareness, ethics and knowledge that come with the social and digital era; - to explore the concept of “transformational storytelling”: using storytelling as an innovative tool to address change and personal development; - to use elements of gamification to make youth work more attractive and accesible to young people (especially marginalised YP); - to create an international network of youth workers and organisations, able to use storytelling to develop skills and methods and to have an innovative impact on local levels. The activities will be based on non formal and experiential learning methodologies, all centered on different aspects of Storytelling. We will work on the most classic and traditional forms (sitting around the fire) to the most contemporary, like cinema, comics and videogames. The expected learning outcomes for the participants are: - to be trained on, and receive information about, innovative approaches based on Storytelling, illustrating specialistic concepts such as the Monomyth, the Way of Council, Gamification - and the work methodologies related to them - combining theory, practice and sharing reflections and good practice tips with trainers and colleagues;- to get more proficient in the understanding and use for educational purposes of Comics, Videogames, Board Games - all media very popular in the youth culture; - to increase awareness and learn how to better tackle in youth work their potential negative effects, as well: the risk of addiction and escapism from reality, the possible manipulation and propaganda uses that can be done by authorities, political and social actors, goverments. Working with games and stories in education is our biggest passion, and we sincerely wish to see more and more people trained to use them, and as enthusiastically and sincerely as we do.
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