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Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Mar 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Youth exchange projects are carried out in order to bring together a group of young people from different countries and create a learning environment about each other's cultures. Our world and especially our region is in need of peace and love more than ever.Youth who grown up far from each other's culture is an important issue for the future. Young people who have poor social skills and are reluctant to socialize with their peers is one of the obstacles to the European Union. Youth employment of at the stage of entering the labor market is again one of the major problems. Young people grew in disadvantaged environments have difficulty being involved in the community. With this project, 22 young people in the 17-25 age range shared the same learning environment through olive tree and products derived from the olive in a short time. Young people saw a new learning environment, the ties with labor market strengthened, basic skills and competences increased, intercultural dialogue developed, social inclusion and solidarity were encouraged. The consciousness of being involved in the community of these young people who are only participants in international projects developed. With European consciousness, young people came together with different cultures, worked about olive tree which is symbol of peace. Different horizons have been opened for young people who came together in a limited time around this symbol. Healthy lifestyle has been promoted by such physical activities as going to olive garden in order to collect olives.This activities are also outdoor activities intended to support a healthy lifestyle. Olive, as a tree, is not only the symbol of peace but also its fruit has an economic value. Olives are consumed in breakfast as well as using as oil. It is also one of the agricultural products exported by Turkey. Even though it is known in European countries on the Mediterranean coast, it is known very little in the North of Europe. Thanks to this project, olive consumed in breakfast and used as oil will be promoted in introducing in the European countries. In order to melt the different cultures in the same pot,we used olive related activities and the olive tree which is the symbol of peace. Young people planted olive trees together, collected olives,carried out olive related activities.

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