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Sewerage And Waste Water Treatment in the Adriatic Coastal Area: development of an adequate tool on project development (SAWWTACA)
Start date: Nov 30, 2003, End date: Dec 30, 2006 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective of the SAWWTACA project is the improvement and harmonisation of policies and actions aimed at upgrading sewerage networks and wastewater treatment in urban settlements around the Adriatic Sea. The project will, in the first place, create a durable network of local authorities and experts. The network targets a continuous upgrading of the overall awareness and know-how on safeguarding Adriatic surface water by improving sewerage systems and wastewater treatment, being a platform for exchange of experiences and transfer of knowledge on innovative technologies and management tools. Secondly, an innovative tool will be developed, elaborated as a set of guidelines, which should enable local authorities to identify which infrastructure investments are needed, how to implement them, which restrictions and standards follow from national and Community legislation, and which technologies are most suitable to use. In order to meet the specific needs of the Adriatic area, a thorough analysis of the state of the art on sewerage and wastewater treatment in Adriatic coastal regions will be carried out. Said analysis will be confronted with local experiences and expertise available within the partnership, resulting in a Master Plan for the Adriatic area, which will serve as a reference for policy development in the Adriatic area. With this background information, the final guidelines on project development in sewerage and wastewater treatment in the Adriatic area will be elaborated. Expected Results: The following outcomes are expected: - Creation of a transnational co-operation network on sewerage and wastewater treatment in order to jointly improve the surface water quality of the Adriatic Sea by improving sewerage systems and wastewater treatment facilities, - Improvement of management skills and technological know-how within agencies in the Adriatic area dealing with sewerage and wastewater issues. Dissemination of information on how to cope effectively with the growing demand on wastewater infrastructures in line with European legislation, - Identification of common, transnational standards, methods and technologies for sewerage and wastewater treatment planning which meet the specific requirements of Adriatic seaside resorts. The results will be published in paper and online, and presented at a conference. Dissemination will be enhanced by using appropriate occasions and forums where the results can be presented, - Increased awareness among administrators, planners and scholars in the entire Adriatic area of the importance of jointly developing adequate wastewater policies and the use of innovative technologies.

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