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Several Keys in Learning to Learn Skills

SKILLS will create an adequate methodology which develops competences, promoteslearner’s autonomy and responsibility, assesses skills and prior learning and identifiesindividual learning pathways. The project will develop a Portfolio of Learning to Learn,which identifies competences, provides skills descriptors and competence levels;analyzes the main learning styles; provides an inventory of strategies for each style;approves and validates procedures to measure a learner’s or a group of learners’ levelof learning. The project will elaborate activities to illustrate the kind of tasks that can becarried out with the portfolio, in order to use it as a planning and training tool.To identify the level of competence, SKILLS will design a questionnaire and validate itwith the target groups, who are young adults, adults and minority groups with basiceducational level, socio-educationally disadvantaged in 5 countries: ES, IT, PL, FI, UK.It will produce a computer application adapted to those profiles to be used by learnersand/or educators. The project will also design an application to identify individuallearning styles to improve learning skills and teaching provision. The main outputs willbe a Notebook for the Educator, and a Learning to learn, Styles and Strategies Portfoliofor the learner, both containing all the other outputs of the project. Dissemination will bedone through the website and an e-Newsletter. Alll outputs will be made available in alllanguages on the dedicated website.

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