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Setting the trends in IoT education
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2019 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the last couple of years, the impact of the Internet has led to the development of a new sub-area of the continuously developing domain of IT: Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT refers to a structure where the Internet is connected to the physical world via ubiquitous sensors. Although it is a system still under technical and standardization development, due to its forecasted impact, it has recently been under the eye of governments as well as industries. For instance, the European Union supports the IoT initiative through multiple initiatives (“Digital Agenda for Europe”, “Internet of Things: an action plan for Europe”), making it clear that the IoT will become a vital part of future ICT programs. In order to assure that the European community becomes an important member of the global IT community, it needs to actively participate in the creation of the future of IoT. Thus, it is of great importance to focus on delivering high quality education of IoT notions, both at high school/vocational school level and at university level. The present project aims to provide education for people of all backgrounds around the concept of Internet of Things, which is of great actuality. The project focuses on creating an open, online, collaborative learning community around IoT technologies, which will target building and improving multiple learning and teaching materials as well as IoT projects, enhanced by a gamification layer to kindle user’s engagement. Through this means, we can advance IoT education by offering a complex platform, addressing all school levels, that offers all the resources necessary for teachers to deliver high-quality training. The educational materials focus on presenting IoT notions while engaging students in creating projects that also tackle significant issues facing our society, such as climate change and energy efficiency, personal data protection and information securityTo create a sustainable online community, the main intention of this project is to create a complex set of core educational materials, concerning IoT technologies, at all technical levels. The intellectual outputs are central to the project: * Two books (one beginner, other advanced with specialized modules) on IoT technologies covering hardware and software know-how using a hands-on approach;* Educational materials complementary to the books, such as lecture slides, laboratory texts, project support documents etc.;* Educational materials focusing on IoT applications in areas of power management and security;* An IoT teaching methodology based on the previously designed materials accompanied by a video material exemplifying the teaching of a course;* An online community platform complemented by a layer of gamification.There will be 7 partners from 4 European countries in the project, all with the common goal of helping increase the number of IoT specialists on the long run. The partners are European educational institutions of high school/vocational level as well as universities. In addition, one of the partners is a company developing a widely used IoT educational platform, while another partner is a non-governmental organization whose main activity is to organize workshops and other educational events. The participants will get involved in creating and improving the educational materials and all the other intellectual outputs of the project and also organize dissemination and multiplier events. As a result, workshops will be held in order to get feedback and improve the materials created, accompanied by several multiplier events. Students and educators will benefit from the training activities carried during the project. The project partners will involve in building the educational materials, either by actually writing them, or at least, by revising, giving feedback and suggesting improvements to be done. Throughout the project there will be a team focused on creating the educational materials, as well as a user interface team that will be in charge with their design. After a draft of the intellectual outputs exists, there will be held workshops to validate the quality of the existing materials and, of course, to gather feedback so that the educational materials can be improved. The final part of the project consists of creating an online platform where all the education materials will be distributed, free of charge. The materials are open to everybody and can also be modified and adapted to other people or institutions’ needs. The platform will also encourage users to contribute with their own materials and projects, making use of digital badges to kindle user’s interest.The project’s result will be an increased awareness on IoT technologies, leading to an increased number of specialists in the area. As IoT will be a crucial part of other European and global initiatives the social impact of a complex, free IoT platform is of great importance.
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