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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project Name: ''EU dimension of the emergency health services and care interventions in silent epidemic stroke.'' In the project, the applicant group will be comprised of 33 students from nursery department, and 21 from emergency medical technician department, totally 54 students, Güner Orbay MTAL, Malatya Vaizoğulları MTAL, Kocaeli Gebze Füsun Erdemir MTAL. Six teachers will accompany our students. Stroke(palsy) is a neurological disease which caused by occlusion of vein pumping blood to the brain leading to the deceleration or cease of blood circulation to the brain. According to WHO data, every year 1800 of one million people experience first time stroke, of 600 people experience stroke again, of 500 people experience temporary stroke. 480 of stroke patients ( %20) have died in first month, of 600 people have to live with major motor handicap. In WSO 2014 reports, it is reported that stroke affects 33 million people worldwide, every year 17 million new people experiences stroke, and one of 6 million people lose their lives. It is estimated that every 1/6 person would experience stroke. Still in most countries, stroke is second cause of death, and is the most important cause of disability, and it is called as " silent epidemic". According to reports of National Disease Burden and Cost-Efficiency studies in our country, stroke comes second after heart attack as cause of death, in industrialized societies it is one of the most important public health issues on application to hospitals and health expenses. In Turkey, number of stroke patients in 2004 is 1.2 million; however, the number of patients are over 2 million in 2014. Every year, over 150 thousands of Turkish citizens have experienced stroke first time.In the issues like treatment of stroke patients and patients with neurological problems, enhancement of life span and quality of target patient group with first aid, emergency, nursing, and medical/functional care, prevention of complications, minimization of psychological problems etc., we need well-trained health staff( EMT, Stroke nurses (SN) ). In this context, the necessity for well-trained SN and EMT staff to catch up the level of EU on treatment of stroke/neurological patients increase, and this situation reveals the requirement of qualified training. Participants need; -seeing on site the staff's care and emergency treatment of stroke patients and patients with neurological problems in EU standards, -improving technical knowledge, skill and experience which are peculiar to their fields, -gaining ability of evaluating care and treatment used for stroke patients in EU standards -transferring different materials, techniques/methods and procedures, algorithms ,and forms used in the field by searching, -improving technical language/communication skills, meeting/ experiencing cultures of hosting countries. Our instution and partners would like to utilize Erasmus+LDV projects to reach goals of our project and meet participants needs. Raising staff in level of EU standards in emergency care, patient care and nursing services for stroke/patients with neurological problems, providing information to other staff with the help of trained staff and integrating the conclusion to care, improving the knowledge/practice skills in the field of neurology, providing improvement of craft knowledge/proficiency, provide improvement technical language/foreign language, make staff gain ability of providing service to patients from other cultures, contribute assign them as "Stroke nurse" and qualified personnel by certificating, increase the number of participants utilized Erasmus+LDV programs, contribute building the EU knowledge and introduce the culture of EU, and introduce Turkish culture positively, mediating to increase their life span by providing qualified treatment to target patient group, contributing to the national economy, preparing model products for development of personnel ( booklet, CD/DVD, brochure, affiches etc. ), contributing to the development of technical personnel, inform the authorities, reinforcing the cooperation of sectors, popularizing the results of the project, and providing the sustainability of the project. are the expected goals of project. Mobility project is between 22th May-11 th June 2016.It will last 21 days and three courses. These courses will be Modena in İtaly, Almera in Netherland, Dorsten in Germany.The number of participants will be equal in every course.(We will care of having equal participants in each sections ) Total time of the project is 12 months and beginning date of the project is 02 September 2015 and due date is 02 September 2016.
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