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Service Oriented Architectures for All (SOA4ALL)
Start date: Mar 1, 2008, End date: Apr 30, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Description Towards a Web of billions of servicesComputer science is entering a new generation, a generation that starts by abstracting from software and hardware components and sees all resources as services in a service-oriented architecture (SOA). With this in mind, the aim of SOA4ALL is to create a 'web of billions of services' and hence, revolutionise the world of computing. Billions will benefit:In this virtual world, billions of users have access to services which count for themselves and not for the software or hardware that put them into effect. However, current SOA solutions are still being restricted and many fundamental challenges that would guarantee its success are not yet being addressed or resolved. At the time being, SOA is still considered as being companies' in-house solutions.  SOA4ALL will help in changing this by creating a comprehensive framework and infrastructure that integrates four complementary and revolutionary technical advances into a coherent and domain-independent service delivery platform:* Web principles and technology as the underlying infrastructure for the integration of services on a global scale. * Web 2.0 as a means of structuring human-machine co-operation in an efficient and cost-effective manner. * Semantic web technology as a means of abstracting from syntax to semantics, as is required for meaningful service  discovery. * Context management as a way of processing in a machine-understandable way user needs that facilitate the customisation of existing services for the user. Measuring the impact:Dynamic services at web scale: SOA4ALL will transform the web into a world where billions of services are exposed and consumed. Scalability is also supported through semantics meaning that growing amounts of work and data are being handled in a graceful manner. Service usability: Web 2.0 technologies are much easier to use than standard web service platforms. SOA4ALL will contribute in lowering the existing entry barriers to the service world in a way that everybody has access to them not only IT experts.Open standard service platform: In the same way, SOA4ALL will make sure that the service platform will be truly open and non-proprietary. This means that the services are brought out from behind the enterprise walls into the mainstream where significant key players such as SMEs, large corporations and end-users (citizens) can truly benefit.Service adaptation to local contexts: SOA4ALL will provide mechanisms that support the adaptation of services to the local context. Henceforward, the services used by customers will be aware of local setting, such as the user's geographic location, personal preferences etc. SOA4ALL is endorsed by the NESSI constituency as a Strategic Project and will contribute significantly to the NESSI Open Framework, which is one of the main challenges of the European Platform on Software and Services.

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