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Serebral Palside Engelleri Aşmak için AB Desteği
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Thirty participants from children development department of multi-program high schools and thirty participants from nursing department of vocational and technical anatolian high schools, in total sixty participants and accompanying eight teacher will take a part in the project scope. Cerebral palsy (CP) is a childhood mental disease which occurs with brain damage ongoing with puberty and in adult ages, known as “spastic child” colloquially. Although CP is observed 2 or 3 times in every thousand birth in the world, it is observed 8 times in every thousand birth in our country. According to Ministry of Health 2012 research data, there are 700.000 CP patient and also, non-detected patients are living in Turkey. CP patients are the part of approximately 10% of 8.5 million disable people in our country. Services (treatment, rehabilitation care) for disable people is not regular and insufficient and also utilization of these services is very low in Turkey. Neglecting the disable people in society and preventing the provision of health services is meaning ignore to them. This ignore reminds the Famous Turkish Phylosopher Mevlana’s quote “put two fingers in front of your eyes, could you see something from the world? You don’t see the world, it doesn’t meant there is no world.” CP is a kind of lifelong, versatile disease not a fully healed and cauces morbidity-mortality. Combination of mental retardation, movement and gait abnormalities, involuntary movements, muscle weakness, balance problems, learning difficulties, lack of attention, language / perception / sensory and behavioral disorders, epileptic seizures, visual defects, strabismus, hearing / speech difficulties, malnutrition, swallowing / chewing difficulties, growth retardation etc. and many issues come together with CP and effect parent and child’s life. Providing health and care services are limited for CP children case in our country. The improvement applications should be applied for the parent and children to develope child’s health and growing status. Increasing the motor-cognitive and social skills, caring and improving the health, prevention of secondary complications, implementing accurate and efficient care are very important subjects which should be presented by professionals to CP child/adult patiences’ parent. For these reasons, participants need to create awareness and to assessment progress for CP frame in Europe standarts, with monitoring technological and scientific improments on site. Reducing these problems can only be concerned with scientific and conscious approach. Minimization of problems in these patients and gaining their community can only be achieved by a multifaceted treatment and rehabilitation. The main point in treatment applications for CP patients is prevent to dependency degree of disables more than their current situation and also to provide skills in accordance with the capabilities of the individuals about doing their personal needs independently with qualified care. The project aims, to contribute about integration approach, communication, treatment, nursing and rehabilitation applications to the vocational training system and help to equipped and qualified child developers and nurses’ employement in this area in europian standarts. - To improve life quality of CP children patients with raising their health-care level, - Providing domain-specific knowledge/skills/experience to participants as well as increasing occupational language and skills and intercultural communication has been aimed. This project is very important for the realization of the objectives to implement. The training taken from EU countries will be model for approach/treatment/nursing care applications in CP for our country. The training will procure to develop of applications in academic way with nationwide implementation about approach, treatment, and care application in CP disease. The ensuring to increase the life quality of target group providing the training which will taken by the the participants in europe standards about treatment/care/rehabilitation, experience, knowledge, skills to be gained will ensure widespread in the health sector and training certificates which will given by the AB countries that will helps to participants for employement, these are all expected results. The settlement of the project 3 weeks with 4 flows; Hungary, Spain, Italy and Germany movement activities will be carried out with each flow involve equal numbers of participants between the dates 14th February – 5th March 2016. The total duration of the project is 12 months. End date of the project is Agust 2012.

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