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Sense of Light
Start date: Oct 2, 2016, End date: Dec 1, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project wants to benefit from the worldwide spread of passion towards photography, use this growing hobby as tool and resource to create learning opportunities, increase the sensitivity of people towards negative social and environmental phenomena in society, but also use it to develop creative economy in important areas of tourism, culture, environment and urban/rural development. The ultimate aim of the project is to improve the local sustainability in all three areas (economic, social and environmental). This improvement should happen through shared and passed knowledge of consortia partners and their trainers, teachers to the target group of local trainees from 7 countries. The project through visual arts, multi-cultural approach and creative environment wants to contribute to local sustainability. This contribution should happen through so called mobile workshops where the developed intellectual outputs (guidebooks, learning courses, pilot test start ups in creative economy and network) will be tested and practiced. The project aims to develop and test an innovative educational process based on the development and testing of efficient and tested tools in area of creative economy, culture and craftsmanship. The project will primarily inform, motivate, encourage and train the target groups and project participants to change their attitude and secondarily encourage and motivate vulnerable groups of society often excluded, and enable them to acquire elementary skills and advanced experience in areas of communication, learning, urban and rural community development, self-dependency, self-esteem and dignity as well as manual skills in areas of creative economy, environment conservation, pollution and also managerial ones ( simple project preparation, management, accounting, monitoring and evaluation). The project is based on inclusive, trans-national , best practice and creative cooperation enabling approach and social innovation in all areas of sustainability. The primary target groups of the project are teachers, trainers, lecturers working with youth and children. They come from number of various institutions recruited by consortia partners. Together with experts and skilled trainers they will develop the planned outputs and use them in their home environment. The main beneficiaries of the project are students, young unemployed, who are open to new ideas and innovative ways of creativity. The project will blend together stakeholders from various sectors and social groups – from formal education (high schools – students and teachers), through non-formal education (environmental and rural NGOs and local communities) up to unemployed, ethnic minorities and migrants including refugees). Thus the project wants to contribute to the resolution of several challenges the current EU faces. The project builds on previous trustful and good relations among project consortia partners and their common visions and missions - to serve the communities and also builds on multi-sectoral approach, dialogue and diversity of cultures and traditions of European countries .
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