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Seniors tell about History.

Learning processes of senior citizens are of high priority in the framework of the ageingsociety in Europe. Psychological findings show that learning in higher ages is possibleand desirable, when some particularities of the target group are taken into account. Theproject looks at these particularities by choosing a subject, the personally experiencedhistory, which is highly relevant and motivating to the target group of elderly, andintegrating the subject into an easy-to-handle weblog learning environment with thepotential of integrating audio and video files.Besides the objective of European approximation and cohesion the HiStory projectaddresses the social inclusion (and inclusion) of seniors and to advance activecitizenship in terms of awareness of historical contexts and, as a consequence,responsible political and cultural acting in the presence and future. The learning processin the HiStory project will be not just a collection of data, but will advance meaningful,emotionally and socially relevant knowledge.The learning process and the learning environment will be adapted to the needs ofseniors and advance communication and (intercultural) exchange, thereby contributingto a socially integrated and more content ageing. The methodological approach is anarrative one and will combine the approaches of oral history, biographical research andstorytelling. Senior citizens will tell about their individual experiences within theEuropean history in the 20th century. The learning process can be both the telling itself,because it means reflecting and working through of personal experiences, and thelistening to/reading of the tales of others will wider the comprehension andunderstanding of the history of other persons in different countries. The project is aimingto integrate the aspect of transgenerational learning by including European schools whowill carry out pilot projects about experienced history. The students will learn from thestories of the seniors and start a communication process with the aim oftransgenerational exchange, communication and learning.
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