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Sen Gelmez Oldun
Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 31 Oct 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Absenteeism and school dropout is an educational problems of a lot of countries and to reduce absenteeism and dropout rate, is become one of the most important educational priorities of their nations. This rate is very high in our country but it is higher in some cities like Şanlıurfa. Actually, low dropout rate is used the indicator of quality of the school and education system. The main purpose of this project, to discover absenteeism and school dropout problem with reason, process and results and find a solution of problem in our school. Because we know that the most important negative consequences of absenteeism and school dropouts are extremely affecting induviduals, their families and all society with different ways. Possible negative consequences after dropping out are low income, low tax, low job status, unemployment, delinquent and antisocial behaviour, depressed mood, suicide, low commitmet with society, less self-esteem and poor level of health.The project is intended to reduce the rate of early school leaving and high absenteeism in our school. 264 of the 1438 students are at risk of absenteeism and early school leaving. This is equal to 18,4 % of the total number of students and it is a high rate for Şanlıurfa, Turkey and EU. The purpose is primarily to take this ratio to 15,59 %, which is provincial level and then pull further down. The mobility part of he project includes learning and increasing the knowledge of our teachers towards the prevention of absenteeism and early school leavers in the EU countries. 22 teachers will participate to mobility activities. These mobility activities that will be held in Slovenia and the Netherlands consist of courses, understanding EU education systems, placement, monitoring, school visits and cultural activities. Mobility activities of the project will be held 2 streaming form in 29.01-04.02.2017 and 04-10.06.2017 and they will take 7 days. Slovenia and the Netherlands are selected for the same reason as the ability of cooperating with basic education institutions around them, improved and efficient methods of application and services. With the project, it is expected that the output of finding solutions to problems that may have resulted from students, teachers, school or from the family, to be able to contribute to an increase in academic achievement of the students, to participation in social activities with a decreased rate of absenteeism of students. Also, you can add that understanding the EU culture and gain the power to adapt to change of participants. In this way, the long-term problem of early school leaving will be disappeared and improvement in the quality and the vision of schools will have occurred.The reason that we put the name of "You have been absent" is give a conspicuous, meaningful and memorable message to at-risk groups students and stakeholders.
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