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According to surveys, less qualified workers are motivated to learn, if they believe that training is useful. They search for opportunities in order to complete their training for better work conditions or advancement possibilities. Sei.Li.NG project aims to improve the learning process of these employees. A person can be described as “less qualified” if his/her highest qualification does not exceed a certain level depending on the indicator used in order to express the level and the borders between lower and higher qualification. However, our project is focusing on the labour market, workers or not, drop-outs, climbers, developers, refusers, aged between 15-30 years old and their need to learn about their daily life inside and outside the learning community. The idea is to combine alternative dynamic content adapted to specific training programs. These training programs will be based on self-training simulation intelligent games incorporating highly sophisticated evaluation methods. This means that the evolution of the training programs can be highly parameterized depending on the learning goals and the progress of the user. The range of the Gaming will be wide and directed in two dimensions: generic aspects that can fit in any kind of person in our target group and specific in some sectors of the target group which will be decided after the user needs analysis. The concept of Sei.Li.NG is that interactive training content can improve learning. Another important issue is that psychological criteria have to be taken into consideration for the development of training processes especially adapted to the young less qualified employees presenting special characteristics or behaviour. Sei.Li.NG allows for realizing new services, new products, new communication tools and the creation of a preferential channel among the Educational Environment and the less qualified workers, as well as realize a specific electronic information learning environment. A portal area will be created, consisted of a user-friendly system with a simple, highly interactive and functional infrastructure dedicated to less qualified workers, informing them about employment issues, possible career paths and educational training through simulation games. The users will be also able to find out news about other European citizens being in the same position as they are and exchange ideas and experiences. The project’s aim is to contribute to the strengthening of its social policy by providing methods and services for enhancing and facilitating life-long learning, supporting active citizenship, with emphasis specifically in European less qualified workers.

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