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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Ciudad de los Muchachos” is a Salesian vocational training institution with the legal form of non-profit foundation. Our institution is located in the Madrid district of Puente de Vallecas, who suffers from negative socio-economic circumstances in a high percentage of its population. The center welcomes children of families in the area and surroundings, who are workers, many of them immigrants, humble and often hit by unemployment. The project is born, and will born again, from the need to give a development opportunity for our students whose circumstances do not compete on equal terms students from other areas,and who do not know the opportunities granted by the EU's free movement of workers. It is not the first time that we implement European programs. We took in 2013 and 2014 Leonardo da Vinci (2012-1-ES1-LEO01-51313) project into two streams, and currently we are participating in a national consortium (2015-1-ES01-KA102-014483) with the Inform Foundation. The Inform Foundation is the coordinator for foreign companies to allocate and transfer of our students. In this project we have done 11 allocations, 6 for basic FP and 5 to Intermediate. Their stay have lasted four weeks for the first group, and 12 weeks for the second group. In both cases,it will happen in the second week afterEaster 2016. All students has belonged to the electrical, automotive, IT and administration fields. In both cases, they were students, in large percentage, who did not complete their compulsory secondary education, and very often,they present complex and difficult family situations like low self-esteem, truancy and behavioral problems. Thanks to these programs many of them they will get back on track in the education system, and then, they will eliminate all their personal, social and professional weaknesses. These programs open their horizon and convince them that your life is not doomed to failure. We have done two types of activities. For Basic Vocational Training, students went in a training center to Fossano (Italy), at the school, "Maria Ausiliatrice", it belongs to the network of FP CNOS-FAP. The idea is that they performed Compulsory FCT in an atmosphere of real work to finish their studies and graduate. The students were integrated as center workers and they developed skills acquired in Spain and the linguistic competence in Italian. For Intermediate Vocational Training, students went in internship companies to Pistoia (Italy), by means of CSCS, which is a Vocational Training Provider. They were going to have the first work experience, developing autonomously their professional and personal duties. In this way, they were going to develop their professional and social skills, Italian language skills and personal autonomy. The methodology used to implement the project had a team of 5 people for this, which are the principal headmaster, the Educational director, administrator, a bilingual English teacher and coordinator Erasmus + designated to fulfill all management tasks. The methodology was to implement a set of requirements to meet the objectives set according to the needs, that it has been very accurate, the learning outcomes which aimed to observe, the implementation of a plan to disseminate the projected Erasmus + program, a selection process of students correctly realized, a study of the project impact on our institution and students and an evaluation of the results. The expected impact will be a consequence of the results that are expected. We expect to achieve our institution to become a reference center of the area in which the supply of European programs. This is one of our hallmarks,that will attract new students. We want through these programs our students, directly and indirectly, may access to opportunities for professional, social and personal improvement that they enjoyed in the past. In May 2016, the students pre-registered have increased compared with the previous year in Basic Vocational Training and Intermediate Vocational Training in our school . In one hand, it is expected that the center is an attractive partner to receive staff and students from abroad.So, the improvement of facilities, faculty and teaching methodology is a must. In the other hand, the students should acquire self-esteem, autonomy and responsibility. Our students will improve their academic performance, and they will become the best means to transmit the best practices from the center, and its commitment to European programs, As a result from this, it will improve their employability. It is therefore expected that the center has increased enrollments and offer training courses. Center should have an even greater commitment to new European programs, and become transmitterof good practice among other centers of Madrid and Europe.
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