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Seeding Life
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Based on the ETPOD -European Training Program on Organ Donation- a successful Training program that improves the Organ Donation (Transpl Int 2013 Apr; 26(4):373-84), SeeLife project aims to improve the professional competences, knowledge and skills in the domain of Organ Donation and Transplantation in Bulgaria and Latvia, setting the bases for best practices in alignment with the EU directives and Spain experience on Organ Donation and Transplantation. The educational program will provide homogeneous knowledge in organ donation and transplantation to enhancing the development of professional competences in the domain. The project targets healthcare professionals at University level, as well as physicians already specialized or in training from Critical Care medicine, Emergency and Recovery units, Nephrologists, Neurologists, Neuro surgeons and Transplant surgeons, transplant physicians. Objectives and Methodology 1. To define the Target Areas (TAs) within Bulgaria and Latvia. TAs will be selected according to the following criteria: to have at least 1 donor hospital and 1 transplant hospital, covering a population over 300.000 inhabitants. 2. To perform a Diagnosis study in the TAs defined. Diagnosis study report will analyse an organ donation and transplantation activity in partner countries; Evaluation of Internet access and digital literacy in the partner countries. As diagnosis tool, a survey considering specific criteria and indicators will be designed, developed and implemented to collect the above mentioned information, both from partners and other official resources. 3. To design a Training Program in Organ Donation and Transplantation for healthcare proffesionals. • Online Training -The E- learning method to be used in the course will be interactive and will deliver the training by electronic means • The face to face training - This method will reinforce the knowledge through experience and will be designed to put into practice the contents acquired in the on-line modules and, therefore, will facilitate the switch from the theoretical knowledge to practice. • Learn to teach training -The training will be designed in two phases, chronologically different but nonetheless, interrelated. Blended Learning (On-Line and Off-Line Training) will be the educational methodology 4. To develop academic and scientific contents for a blended training program, in accordance with the European Space for Higher Education guidelines (ECTS) An ELearning Platform will enable students to be acquiring basic knowledge on a distance basis and afterwards practicing to endorse it. The training “learn to teach” will be addressed to a group of teachers that will become faculty and coordinators of the Seminars to be held in their corresponding TA’s. 5. To implement the Training Program in II Phases: • I Phase foresees to train a total 15 healthcare professionals from Bulgaria and Latvia. • II Phase through Seminars in Organ Donation, a total of 375 participants will be further trained. The seminars will be theoretical and practical. The educational material and instructions to successfully carry out the Seminars will be produced along the “Learn to Teach” training. 6. To ensure the program sustainability a network in Organ Donation and Transplantation will be constituted, with the participation of the University Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment and Emergency Medicine NI Pirogov and University Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital from Bulgaria and Latvia respectively. 7. To ensure a quality control system, follow up and evaluation plan will be designed along with partners to establish standards for measuring the quality of the different phases of the educational project. This assessment document will be performed by educational experts in educational quality and blended learning methodology. One of the outcomes of the SeeLife project is to design a special and fit to the concrete national circumstances training programme that encompasses different medical sphere and is oriented towards achievement of unique curricula. Thus the project aims at enhancing personal development of learners and strengthening of the European society of medical professionals that are involved in the Organ Donation and Transplantation process. Within the project will be trained trainers and and will be formed well qualified specialists that will continue to assist the young specialist in the very specific area of organ donation and transplantation. In its unique way the project is in compliance with the objective for improving the quality and relevance of the higher education and especially the training on the job.

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