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Seed of change: Reinforcing the role of young people with fewer opportunities in their access to social rights
Start date: Sep 1, 2012,

Seed of Change is a project aimed to reinforce the role and the active participation of Young People with Fewer Opportunities (YPFO), specifically young people from disadvantaged urban neighbourhoods, as actors of change to achieve an equal society which guarantees them an effective enjoyment of social rights, in the actual context of social and economic crisis. Some of the most important objectives of the project are:1. To raise awareness among YPFO about their social rights and the ways to fulfill them.2. To support YPFO access to job, cultural and educational opportunities contributing this way to foster inclusion and fighting poverty.3. To encourage in YPFO the capacity to aspJr_e_aūd-the-reinforcement-of-positive-valuesHneludingself-esteem and sense of self-worth.-4,—lo-devetep-a-methed-eñ-the-theme-ofaecess-tu suuial lights arrďinclusion in the framework of non-formal education with YPFO.The project strategy foresee a comprehensive approach to the themes of access to social rights, youth participation and fight against poverty and exclusion. It is based on activities that focus on education and advocacy what permits to have both aspects of development work, thus creating a more sustainable impact.The project lasts for 12 months and will involve as direct participants/beneficiaries 160 young people aged 15-18 from disadvantaged neighbourhoods from Palermo (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), The Hague (Netherlands), Thessaloniki (Greece), Nairobi (Kenya), Kathmandu (Nepal), Bogota (Colombia) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). The indirect beneficiaries expected are 2648 young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. The main activities foreseen will take place in all partner countries; those activities are:1. kick-off meeting2. gymkhana comprising 7 main activities - arts workshops, traditional games day, video research, access to job workshops, advocacy campaign, peer education, international youth meeting (4 young people/country)3. international voluntary activities in all partner countries (1 young people/country)4. creation of a good practice guide on the gymkhana5. development of recommendations on the way non-formal education contribute to awareness and fulfilment of social rights for young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoodsThe project has 4 main products: good practice guide on the gymkhana, recommendations, video on social rights and YPFO in partner countries, project photo album. These results will be valorised through conferences, workshops with target usersron-line dissemination and press releases.Besides these tangible results the project will have important intangible results in young people involved, in partners and also in the local community. In general we expect that the project will support young people to have increased access to their social rights, that they feel more empowered and have an increased feeling of human beings with dignity, that the communication and dialogue among young people and those in charge of youth policies will increase, that in the local community people (and especially young people) will be more aware about social rights and feel more empowered to act.
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