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See the voices, hear the trees: Feel your Surroundings!
Start date: May 9, 2016, End date: Sep 8, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project goal is to bring together up to 20 youngsters aged 16-26 from four different countries (Estonia, Poland, Hungary and Luxembourg). All partner organisation have experience in working with young people. The project deals with the development of personal and interpersonal communication skills, which could be used beneficially in the person’s further life. Attention goes to those people who have not participated in Erasmus+ activities before or less than two times. This is because we would like to give the opportunity and the experience to different young people. The partner organisations are going to be the ones selecting their participants. We trust that they know who might benefit from it the most. There is no special focus on NEET youngsters but we encourage involvement of youngsters at risk. Again, because they might benefit from this the most. The profile of the participants will be discussed before the youth exchange takes place. This way the needs can be taken into account when preparing the youth exchange. Part of the participant’s information such as name, address and special needs regarding food, will be received through a registration form. ACTIVITIESActivities will be set up as indoor practices and outdoor activities. Most of the indoor activities will take place in Saue youth center. Communication will be put into practice during daily workshops and adventurous trips, where youngsters experience different approaches to communication and learn to use it efficiently. The activities are organised and led by both the project writers, the participants and outdoor experts. The activity schedule is set up in that way that there is a good balance between content activities, intercultural activities and team building activities. METHODOLOGYA variety of methods is used to meet up to the diversity of the group and the needs of the content matter. In addition, active participation is encouraged with different methods. One of the means to get to our aims is through adventurous activities. The two planned adventure activities during the youth exchange are a navigation/orienteering game and a guided activity in an adventure park. Also there goes a lot of attention to reflection and the different ways to stimulate it. At different times during the days the group will have the opportunity to reflect on the process of the project. RESULTSAs a result those youngsters participating in the project gain and improve all kinds of knowledge and competences. One the one hand there is the topic related knowledge and competences and on the other hand there are the results of the project’s process and the interactions between the participating people. -TOPIC: Emphasizing the relevance of communication and guiding them through a learning journey which they create by themselves, makes them become more aware of what it means to be a communicative human being. At the end of the project the participants have learned and experienced what it means to be a good listener, how one functions within a team, how we can be misunderstood, how we feel when we’re misunderstood, what are ‘I statements’ and how to use them, what messages bodylanguage carry, etc.-PROCESS: learning from intercultural exchange, bearing responsibility and expressing yourself in a foreign language are just a few things resulting from being part of this project. Supporting personal growth of the young people is a very important aspect. A helpful tool in thinking and talking about the results is the youth pass, a recognition tool for non-formal and informal learning. It describes what the participant’s have done and learned during the project. At the end of this project, all participants will receive a youthpass certificate. Another solid result of the project will be postcards with one sentence phrases about miscommunication. These postcards will be distributed in the local environment of the participants. IMPACT AND BENEFITSThe project would like to help youngsters develop a better sense of their environment, detect and resolve their communication issues. The different workshops and the dissemination (postcards) aims at provoking the participants to notice how communication shapes their daily lives. Furthermore it is about seeking for the aspects they would like to develop in themselves in order to change the world for the better. The local environments will benefit from this project through the individuals who have participated in the project. The benefits are: being triggered to join erasmus+ projects, get new knowledge and ideas about communication and miscommunication and/or learn from the behaviour of someone who participated. Also the postcards, that will be distributed in the participant’s local environments, will help to make people think about miscommunication.

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