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SECURITAS MARE - Development of Education and Training for Sea and Land Based Personnel for Crisis and Emergency Management in Connection with Sea Casualties

SECURITAS MARE plans to develop and introduce a training module relating to crisis management for eventual introduction to maritime training programmes across Europe.The project aims to increase understanding and readiness for crisis management; to provide participating European higher education institutes with the competence and support to offer qualified and equal training in crisis management; to introduce training in crisis management as a compulsory study unit within maritime education programmes in Europe; to expand the group of persons currently considered for crisis management training (to include shipping companies' personnel); to survey and evaluate teaching material and rescue equipment related to disaster management in order to establish best practice for this sector.Results of the project will comprise a series of actual training courses making use of the new training module in crisis management, a training manual (on CD-Rom) and a database of expert knowledge in the field.Dissemination will be effected through the training courses themselves, through the presentation of papers on the course subject, through existing partner networks and through potential long-term commercialisation of the project results.
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