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Secure Location-Aware Cooperative Network-Coded WSNs for better Quality of Life (WSN4QoL)
Start date: Dec 1, 2011, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

WSN4QoL aims at bringing together experts, from industry and academia, with the long-term goal of designing and developing a more efficient pervasive healthcare system in the interest of the society. WSN4QoL wishes to achieve this objective by enhancing and promoting the industry-academia cooperation, as well as by creating a long-term cooperation program among industrial and academic partners in the area of advanced Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technologies for pervasive healthcare applications. WSN4QoL aims at providing new cooperative protocols, Network Coding (NC) for multi-hop/cooperative diversity, and distributed localization algorithms are developed to meet the specific requirements of WSNs-enabled healthcare applications, and to overcome the limitations of existing services and products. The proposed solutions are developed by taking into account the specific requirements of pervasive healthcare e.g. energy-efficiency, low-latency, data reliability, context-awareness, and security. Furthermore, WSN4QoL aims at providing a proof-of-concept of the proposed solutions through the realization of experiments with real healthcare devices. WSN4QoL achieves these objectives via the fruitful collaboration of three partners, one from academia, i.e., UPC, one SME, i.e., VIDAVO, and a Spin-Off of the University of L’Aquila(Italy), i.e., WEST. As a whole, the partners have consolidated and complementary expertise in the analysis, design, and experimentation of WSNs and their application to pervasive healthcare. Finally, we mention that this is the re-submission of a project submitted in 2009. This new proposal has been significantly re-shaped and updated by taking into account the suggestions of the evaluators. We have significantly improved its organization, with main emphasis on ToK, secondments, and implementation activities. On the scientific side, new research topics have been added to update the project with current state-of-the-art needs for pervasive healthcare.
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