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Secure All — Sistema de formação inovador baseado em conteúdos/metodologias de e-learning para os sectores da Prevenção, Protecção Civil e Segurança de Cidadãos e Património

The project aims at sectors where personnel ( professionals and volunteers), also if enrolled by powerful organisations like the national and regional Civil Protection Corps or the Firemen Departments, is often fragmented in wide or disadvantaged areas. Therefore training needs support of means and tools for distance learning: in such a context e.learning should be the appropriate resource. The project will develop first a Europe-wide inquire in order to update information on existing training for the concerned sectors. The second step is to collect data about the need of training of target groups in the partnership’s Countries. The implementation of the draft modules of will constitute the most complex activity of the project. A pilot training is envisaged, addressed to the trainers. Six meetings will be organized during the period of implementation of the project and a final Seminar to be held in the promoter’s Country -- OBJECTIVES AND ACTIVITIES: The proposal presumes that new ways of learning, such as e.learning, could be innovative for the target sector: the training programme is based on such assumption, that could eventually be modified in part during the initial activity (the inquire across Europe on the state of the art on the matter). A second relevant activity is the pilot training. The valorisation campaign will be the third. -- RESULTS AND PRODUCTS: Outcomes: (1) the e.learning programme for professionals and volunteers active in the civil protection and neighbouring sectors, based on a dedicated technological platform and usable through the project web site (2) an e.manual for teachers’ training is the second most important product,(3)the European repertory of existing training activities for the target groups is a consistent product too. -- POTENTIAL FUTURE: Extension of the programme to other Countries non included in the current partnership
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