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Search and monitoring of Harmful contaminants, Other pollutants And Leaks in vessels in port using a swarm of robotic fish (SHOAL)
Start date: 02 Mar 2009, End date: 01 Jul 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Description Robotic fish designed to mimic the natural movements of real fish and to monitor the environment SHOAL will develop a shoal of robotic fish to analyse contaminants in water and produce a real-time map of which pollutants are present, in what concentrations and where these are on a 3D map of the port. The robot fish will function independently and as part of a larger group. SHOAL will use advanced swarm intelligence techniques to control the robots in order to coordinate the group efficiently and adapt quickly to changes in the environment. This will benefit not only monitoring operations in ports across the EU, but also lead to important advances in robotics, chemical analysis, underwater communications and robot intelligence. SHOAL is innovative because it can analyse chemicals not only on the surface of the water but also those that are dissolved in the water. This will allow the fish to find pollution from agriculture as well as leaks from ships or pipelines.
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