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SEAD - Self Experience and Disability

Undoubtedly, you can offer more to people with disabilities when youunderstand their feelings and their needs. SEAD focuses on increasing theempathy of persons working in the social field and on the understanding ofthe feelings, needs and the psychological and emotional situation of peoplewith disabilities. With SEAD, a person who works and interact with peoplewith disabilities has the chance not only to gain knowledge and informationabout the disability but also to feel the disability.Common methods for self experience, like using a wheelchair for a certaintime, or shopping with blindfold eyes, simulating blindness, painting withmouth or toes, etc are already used. From our point of view, these methodsfocus on a single disability and on the practical difficulties that thedisability may cause. On the contrary, our project simulates both thepractical and the emotional aspects of the disability at the same time. Asa result the professional who works with disabled people becomes moreempathic and can experience similar feelings, needs and thoughts with thedisabled person.More than giving a perception of disability in one own’s body, SEAD is alsoa working tool for the professionals who work or want to work with disabledpeople, in many different areas like diving, dance/music, textile work and the like.

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