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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Students and staff from Second Chance School together with members of staff at ordinary work placement , as well as receiving organisations and companies in Copenhagen and Doncaster will be engaged in this project. The mobilities consists of altogether 8 students divided into two periods. EGU in Copenhagen is receiving in the first round and Doncaster College in the second round. By participating in this mobility the learners will have the opportunity to see how an enterprise in a foreign country is working and the conditions for workers etc. The learners´ understanding for the international labour market is widened as well as their vocational skills. The ability and chances for integration to the labour market is strengthened as they can show to others that they have fulfilled a vocational training abroad and by that also widened their work experience. The mobilities for the learners is primarily aimed to gain their employability as a whole for the target group,and for Hagagymnasiet/SCS as a school it aims towards deepening and strengthening our connection to our european network. Apart from that there is an aim for Second Chance School in Norrköping locally,regionally and on a european network level to become a role model and thereby encourage other organisations to get the will and power to widen their target groups´views by showing that this vulnerable group, after extensive preparation and safe monitoring has the ability to participate in successful mobilities. The common denominator for this target group is that they have a very bad experience of the school system and has felt great failure , often combined with fear for new situations. Educational,social and economic disadvantages together with well documented difficulties to achieve the knowledge necessary for succeeding in mainstream education,makes the picture of the target group even clearer. A lot of the learners in the target group has never had the opportunity to go abroad and has very little knowledge to other cultures, languages and what the european citizenship means. It requires a vast amount of motivational preparations for the learners to dare to participate in a mobility in a foreign country. The success of a project of this nature is depending on that we,as a sending organisation ,take the learners´social situation as well as individual needs into consideration during the preparation phase. The prerequisite for the mobility to succeed is that the learners are accompanied by a safe and experienced adult who can support the learners during all phases of the project , especially the time spent abroad. The projects´qualitative targets, on a personal level, are to strengthen the learners´self-confidence and self-esteem and to improve their social skills. Educational goals are to raise their motivation for further studies and to support the lifelong learning, to develop vocational skills as well as to improve their language skills. Socially , the aim for the learners are to make new personal contacts which can lead to interpersonal friendship. They will also get an increased understanding for different cultures as well as a wider understanding of the world around them so that they can get a deeper understanding for the european perspective of education as well as the labour market. Altogether the project is expected to contribute to the learners´ability to integration into society both in a social and labour market perspective. The added value for these learners will become extra large , when despite weak odds they will manage to handle the stay abroad as well as their vocational training.. The plan is that the mobilities will take place in the span between March to May in each year. The exact time is expected to be set in a later stage since we plan to coordinate the actions with our joint partners applications for mobilities to Norrköping.
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