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Scoala - mediu activ de manifestare a competentelor elevilor
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A. The Context : The project “ School - an active environment for students’ skills” has developed from the vision of the school. It has as aim fulfilling the mission : a favorable environment for learning- exercising students’ skills, based on moral values, in which each one benefit the chance of developing as person and personality. Despite the performances, the students acquire the knowledge sent by teachers ( the cognitive field ). The cause : the scholastic approach of teaching- learning. The teachers aim at the results of teaching, not the process and the facilitation of cooperation.So the teachers need courses in Europe to satisfy their needs of training and facilitation of cooperation.B. The objectives – in accordance with 3 strategic targets:1. Encouraging the improvement of the quality of teaching- learning- evaluating, so as the school by the aid of the trained teachers to create an active environment, in which to form/ develop the skills. 2. Improving teachers’ linguistic, digital, civic, social, entrepreneurship skills to facilitate / develop students’ skills and motivating school’s staff for this kind of training.3. Offering students opportunities thus exercising their skills in an incentive environment4. The growth of European dimensions and school’s visibility so as to share and transfer European practices in schoolC. Number , profile of the participants : 18 teachers interested in the new curricular approach. There will be 7 selected teachers, who are open to new things , willing to participate in the project, to train. They have English skills, they are preparing for the mobility, they use instruments of European certificationD. The description of the activity - 4 streams :1. Professional presentation with Power. The art of public speaking- developing linguistic, social, digital skills; life abilities, using iBook programme.2. Teaching through 21st Century Methodologies. It improves the skills of using modern methodologies and teaching experience, to create/ implement suitable lessons for different learning types; it develops linguistic and social skills, instruments and techniques for solving problems3. Encouraging creative thinking. It improves the quality of creating a creative learning environment, in which the students put in question ideas, they ask, they make unusual associations. The teachers notice alternatives easily, they think critically, developing skills for students.4. Teaching Entrepreneurship in Schools: Experiential approach. It develops entrepreneurship skills through innovative learning methodologies, it consolidates skills of managing the team dynamics, exercising critical and creative thinking, realizing optional courses- entrepreneurship. E. Methodology:a. Preparation: Presentation of Erasmus+ Programme, establishing the team/ roles, needs analysis, identifying the target group, EDP, courses identification/ selection , contact with the suppliers, informing the colleagues about the courses, participation requires, expressing participation approvals, selecting the participants at mobility, conceiving/signing of contracts.b. Implementation: Mobilities’ monitoring, teacher replenishment and the logistics for applying the new mathods. Dissemination/ materials/products recovery, monitoring/ evaluation.c. Follow-up: New optional courses, articles, innovating activities, improving of IDPF. Results and impact:a. Direct beneficiaries: 7 trained teachers, resource-people for colleagues and motivating factors for learning to students, by improving professional, social and life abilities and skills, the capacity of international cooperation, of digital skills, the capacity of creating learning frames for skills practicing. 7 products realized in training activities become resources.b. Indirect beneficiaries: at least 20 teachers create for students favorable frames for forming and developing skills and they will consolidate their professional profile. At least 300 students benefiting from the activities. At least 50 parents involved - evaluating indicators of satisfaction of the indirect beneficiaries.G. Long-term beneficiaries: 25 teachers will replace traditional methods with new ones , using: 18/8 iBooks created by teachers/students , data base (14 lesson plans, 3 Optional classes programmes, 10 films, a brochure, 3 PPTs, The good Entrepreneur’s Guide), 20 published articles. The school will be competitive, it will be a modern learning environment, integrating new European practices. It will improve its current practices and optional classes offer , it will revise its developing strategy by introducing a new aim. It will operate internationally, by improving management skills and internationalizing strategies. It will become an environment in which the educational actors’ skills will develop. The self-esteem will raise, motivation and satisfaction, learning results will be better.

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