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Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project goal is empower a group of 24 young Romanians and Bulgarians to perform activities reducing the vulnerability of young people in front of human trafficking in two regions of two neighboring countries PROJECT OBJECTIVES 1. Raising awareness of 24 young Romanians and Bulgarians  in the field of human trafficking - motivation, types and methods of traffic, the situation at the national and international level, opportunities for prevention and support of victims2. Development , in 24 young Romanians and Bulgarians, of skills realization of non-formal educational activities in order to reduce the vulnerability of young people in front of human trafficking3. Strengthening the skills of young Romanians and Bulgarians carrying out peer education sessions  related to reducing the vulnerability of young people in front of human trafficking in two, involving 700 young beneficiaries of Oltenia, Romania and Vratsa, Pleven and Vidin, Bulgaria including young people with fewer opportunitiesThe main activities of the project are two Youth Exchanges, in Bulgaria and Romania, programme countries Over a period of 14 months (January 2016- February 2017) will be implemented:Organizing teams in Bulgaria and RomaniaLaunching of the projectLiguistic, theme- related and intercultural preparationA1-mobility in Bulgaria over a period of 7 days - May 2016• The definition of human trafficking, causes, forms, methods• Awareness of the problem of human trafficking from Vratza region through meetings and debates with representatives of authorities, institutions and NGOs.• development of skills of communication, observation and realization of relevant case studiesResearch and realization of case studiesA2-mobility in Romania over a period of 10 days June - July 2016 Recruitment techniques of trafficking networks and waysto avoid themAwareness of the gravity of human in the region of Oltenia through meetings and debates with representatives of authorities, institutions and NGOs.Non-formal education methodsTechniques for achieving peer education sessionsElaboration of  methods and materials for working with young people and other disadvantaged groups, to reduce the vulnerability of young people in front of human traffickingDissemination-  the transfer of competences acquired by young people through the development of peer education sessions, involving other 700 young people from Romania, Oltenia, Romania and Vratsa, Pleven and Vidin, BulgariaFinal dissemination conferenceWorking methods used in the project will be those of non-formal education :- Brainstorming , presentations, lectures , demonstrations , debates , surveys, dialogue , interviews, open questions , analysis, introspection , ordering and definition exercises , energizing games / ice breakers the living library, public café.All these methods help to streamline the learning process.In the long term , better social integration of young people will have a positive impact on their individual evolution, and on society. Young people will be actively involved in improving the general mentality with respect to the prevention of human traffickingthrough awareness of personal vunerability and taking a preventive behavior.
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