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Science Holiday Camps in Europe
Start date: Dec 1, 2012,

Science camps are one answer to the lack of young people interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), trying to engage them in scientific questions and helping them developing a positive attitude towards these fields. Not only the career decisions, but also the development of scientific literacy is the aim of these camps. Being held by many and various organizations, science camps have no common strategy, no continuing financial support nor a scientifically prove for the outcome. The project wants to establish a network with three aims: 1. Connect different camp organizers to form a strong connection among European countries and exchange best practice and research on development of these camps. 2. Connect summer camps to local companies with technical and science products as well as regional universities, technical universities and other academic institutions working in the STEM field.3. Extract practical ideas and research based results from the science camp inquire based programs to bring them to classroom practice in schools located in the science camps regions.The partners have a wide regional range as well as a background from public to private and from universities to non-profit-organizations. They are experienced in science camps, science contests and have all in all thousands of particpants per year. The project will be organized through three pan-European conferences, helping to build the network, adjust the strategy of evaluation and form a common understanding of best practice. These results will be spread through regional workshops and offered as models for schools. In parallel, the network wants to foster collaboration among the organizers of science camps, local companies (especially SME), regional universities, and other academic institutions. This is planned to involve stakeholders and to convince local people to support future camps. Interested persons from other countries are invited and will be informed of the results in conferences and on the website.

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